Economic Daily, linyi city construction waste into treasure

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Editor’s note: April 5 economic daily press articles published in linyi in shandong province – construction waste into treasure, project introduction linyi city to create a “national pilot city construction waste management” as an opportunity to strengthen the policy support, strengthen supervision, adhere to the market operation process, to dispose and resource utilization of construction waste classification.Now give forward, in order to satisfy the reader.The concrete blocks, bricks and tiles and other construction waste removed from the buildings are classified into airtight trucks and transported to the production workshop. All kinds of construction waste are swallowed into giant machines and “digested” by the production line before “spit out” construction aggregate.”The coarse aggregate and fine aggregate produced by breaking up construction waste and then processing it one step further can replace the mining of natural stone and the use of natural sand.”Linyi Lantai environmental protection technology Co., Ltd. deputy general manager Mi Lin said.Compared with natural stone aggregate, recycled aggregate has weak compressive resistance and poor durability.In view of this problem, Lantai Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Agricultural University and other joint research and development of waste concrete recycling key technology.The technology, which won the first prize of Science and Technology Progress in Shandong Province, not only expands the application scenarios and scope of products, but also makes it possible to customize architectural products through 3D printing.At a construction site in Linyi, a building is using recycled concrete with construction waste as raw material. The strength and quality indicators of this kind of concrete are no different from ordinary concrete, but the cost is reduced a lot.”Ordinary concrete about 450 yuan per cubic meter, recycled concrete about 400 yuan per cubic meter below, not much difference in quality.”Shandong Xiangshen Construction Group Co., LTD. Zhang Weiqiang said.Since 2019, Linyi city, as a pilot city of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, promoted the whole process management of construction waste from collection, transportation, disposal and consumption, and adhered to market-oriented operation to promote innovation vitality.Lantai Environmental Technology, for example, has built 16 factories in various counties that can process millions of tons of construction waste every year.Now, in linyi has formed a construction waste recycling industry chain, residential property as long as a phone call, will the door collector construction waste recycling enterprises, country-specific ones of linyi area almond altar residential property manager Guo Donghua said: “before, we one thousand ways to find rubbish construction company, and I don’t know where they will put the rubbish to.Nowadays, it saves time, worry and effort to turn construction waste into treasure.”Linyi City Lanshan district comprehensive administrative law enforcement bureau residue management section chief Liu Zongli calculated an account: 500 thousand tons of construction waste recycling, can save natural mineral resources 300 thousand cubic meters, can reduce soil 600 thousand cubic meters, save farmland about 90 acres, save stacking waste covers an area of 40 acres.Linyi City Management bureau garden sanitation center construction waste management section chief Li Qi said, construction waste in the engineering residue can be based on the main components of the different, applied to the greening backfill, landscape, land leveling, road building engineering, including highway, high-speed rail construction process.In addition, Linyi also innovatively promotes recycled coarse aggregate instead of green mesh to cover exposed sites.In the demolition site of Fan Yu Bu, Jiuqu Street, Hedong District, Linyi City, the recycled coarse aggregate produced after the crushing of construction waste was used to replace the green net to cover more than 40,000 square meters of exposed site, which saved the dust control cost and significantly reduced the dust control effect, and realized the improvement of both environmental protection benefit and economic benefit.”Linyi city takes the opportunity of establishing ‘national construction waste management pilot city’, strengthens policy support, strengthens process supervision, insists on market operation, and vigorously promotes construction waste classification and disposal and resource utilization.”Administration of linyi city party secretary, director of Xu Lijuan said, by promoting recycling of infrastructure construction, construction waste recycled product research and development, improvement of construction waste disposal charge collection way, cracking demolition construction measures such as the garbage collector challenges, linyi explore new models of the construction waste management to achieve new breakthroughs in construction waste management.Since 2021, a total of 23.61 million tons of construction waste has been generated in Linyi urban area, including 16.39 million tons of comprehensive utilization of soil remediation, engineering reuse and greening backfill, and 1.618 million tons of recycled building materials in the construction waste resource treatment plant. The comprehensive utilization rate of construction waste resource utilization has reached 76%.