It is illegal for the after-school delay service fee to be used only for teachers to watch students’ self-study or write homework

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Today, a parent of a student left a message in the comment section at the bottom of my relevant article (as shown in the above picture), saying that there has always been a question, that is, is it reasonable to charge the after-school delay service fee for students’ self-study or homework instead of teachers’ cultivating students’ extracurricular interests?The parent’s question is certainly worth pondering by all schools that charge fees.The implementation of after-school delay service of “5+2” mode for students in compulsory education is a supporting measure taken under the background of “double reduction” policy in order to provide students with better places to go after school and solve the practical problem of parents’ difficulty in picking up their children.As the main force participating in after-school delay service, the working hours of school teachers have been extended, the work content has been increased, and the work burden has also been increased.After class and delay the two characteristics determine the school through the service fees according to the requirements of the Ministry of Education or collection charges a service charge of after-school time delay is justified, for teachers to participate in after-school time delay service before certain standards of subsidies and the Ministry of Education shall, in accordance with the “ShuangJian” stated in the policy, but this charge is a prerequisite,That is to implement after-school delay services in accordance with regulations and effectively enhance the attractiveness and effectiveness.The Ministry of Education has repeatedly issued a clear statement: on the one hand, students should be guided to finish their homework carefully, to help students with learning difficulties and answer questions, to expand the learning space for students who have the ability to learn;On the other hand, rich and colorful arts, sports, labor, reading, interest groups and community activities should be carried out, but the delayed time should not be used to concentrate on making up lessons or attending classes, let alone teaching new lessons.But in the concrete implementation process, due to the facilities and sites, personnel, security, and so on factors, many schools of after-school delay service content too simplification, only students will watch the homework in the classroom by the teacher or self-study, or even a new lesson, which is only done the required the most shallow on one hand, the Ministry of EducationThere are no extracurricular activities for comprehensive quality.Such practices, which have become common in many schools, obviously violate the requirements and regulations of the Ministry of Education for the implementation of after-school delay service content. In the case that after-school delay service content fails to meet the requirements and after-school delay service is not attractive and effective,It is illegal to charge after-school delay service fee through service fee or agency fee and only use it as the fee for teachers to watch students’ self-study or write homework.