Wang Yuan winter Olympics games broadcast, BGM is their own original “pride”, the broadcast words round

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On February 20, the last day of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Wang yuan also appeared, presenting a retrospective voice broadcast of 9 gold, 4 silver and 2 bronze.Wang’s voice is soft but powerful, with a touch and admiration for the Olympians.Wang Yuan broadcast is also the word round, every sentence is rich in emotion, but also did not lose the intonation, pronunciation.Wang Yuan is really good for broadcasting.The background music is Wang yuan’s original song “Pride,” which he wrote from the perspective of a child who often left home and failed to show filial piety to his parents, hoping they would be proud of what he has achieved.But this song is also suitable for the Olympic athletes who work hard and win glory for their country. We are all proud of them.Wang yuan is really a good boy with roots and a good seedling. At the beginning of the preparations for the 2018 Winter Olympics, he has been promoting the Games and helping to call people’s attention to the games.Wang yuan is also a publicity ambassador for snow and ice sports, winter Olympics ambassador for, and snow dancing officer for a platform covering the Winter Olympics.And now the top flow of ice Dun Dun, snow Rong Rong in the time is not booming, Wang Yuan has recorded a promotional video for them.We look at the winter Olympics events, you can also find Norway’s strength is really strong.Wang yuan is also a Norwegian winter sports partner appointed by the Norwegian International Tourism Board, and the MV of Wang Yuan’s “Seventeen” was also filmed in Norway.It’s not just the ice sports that are looking for Wang. Before Wang, the Major League Baseball (MLB) has also asked wang to pitch. Before Wang, only Jet Li and Jackie Chan had the honor.Therefore, Wang Yuan is also the first mainland Chinese artist to open the pitch for MLB, Wang Yuan real fire.Wang Yuan is also our pride!