Circular of Hechuan Public Security on soliciting clues of crime of abducting and selling women and children

2022-06-09 0 By

The Ministry of Public Security has decided to launch a nationwide campaign to crack down on crimes of kidnapping and trafficking of women and children from March to the end of December 2022.In order to effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of women and children, make every effort to detect a number of kidnapping and trafficking cases, severely punish a number of criminals involved in kidnapping and trafficking, and rescue a number of abducted women and children, the Hechuan District Public Security Bureau of Chongqing municipality has decided to collect clues from the public about the crime of kidnapping and trafficking women and children.1. Trafficking, buying, picking up and transferring abducted women and children for criminal clues;Adoption of abducted and trafficked children or children of unknown origin, suspected abducted and trafficked women and children, missing women and children criminal clues;Clues related to suspected abducted women and children, unidentified women and children;Clues of other cases involving abduction and trafficking of women and children.The work of combating the crime of kidnapping and selling women and children requires the joint efforts of the whole society. People are invited to report suspected cases of kidnapping and selling women and children to the public security organs. The public security organs will keep the information of the informants confidential, and the clues verified will be rewarded.At the same time, the police urged those suspected of trafficking in women and children to voluntarily surrender to seek leniency.Report hotline: 110;023-42875063.Hechuan District Public Security Bureau, Chongqing, April 8, 2022