Confucius was trapped for seven days and almost starved to death. When he saw Yan Hui stealing food, it was proved that seeing is not believing

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Confucius lived in The state of CAI for three years, and put forward some suggestions for the prosperity of the state to the monarch, but they were not accepted.Then Confucius went to the state of Chen. He also put forward some suggestions to the sovereign of the state of Chen for the prosperity of the country, but they were also rejected.Confucius was very disappointed.At this time, the State of Chu sent someone to invite Confucius to give a lecture. Confucius readily agreed and planned to go there.When the scholar-officials of Chen and CAI heard this, they felt bad and hurriedly discussed it with the emperor.They believed that If Confucius went to Chu, he would certainly assist the sovereign of Chu. They were afraid that in the future, he would be disadvantageous to Chen, CAI and other small states.So they put Confucius under house arrest, confining him and his disciples in a house outside the countryside, not allowing them to come and go freely, intending to starve them to death.Confucius and his students were trapped there and had no food for seven days. They were so hungry that they could only lie in bed and wait.Later, senior disciple Yan Hui tried to get some rice to cook.When the meal was about to be cooked, Confucius passed by and saw Yan Hui zai eating from a pot with his hands.Confucius deliberately pretended not to see.When Yan Hui came in and invited Confucius to dinner, The Master said, “I dreamed of my ancestors. I should offer them clean food first.”Yan Hui hurriedly said, “No!”Confucius felt a little relieved, thinking that Yan Hui was a great disciple after all. Although he stole food, he dared to admit his mistake.But the following words made Confucius feel ashamed.”Yan Hui said,” It’s because of my poor cooking skills. Just now, the hot air was too strong, and the dust from the roof washed down. Some dust fell into the pot, so I grabbed it out.Confucius was very moved, sighed and reflected: “He who believes has eyes, but eyes cannot be trusted.The heart is also trusted, and the heart is not trusted.Disciples remember that it is not easy to know people.”It means: “Seeing is believing, but actually seeing is not trustworthy;It is not always reliable to measure things according to the heart.It seems that it is really not easy to recognize a person’s personality!”Later thanks to Zilu wenxun came to the rescue, sent food, and drove the siege.