Turn the tables and turn the tables!Eight-hour marathon talks, “Russia and Ukraine unconditional ceasefire” heated discussion

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The change of the situation in Ukraine is determined by the competition of many forces. Apart from Russia and Ukraine, the European Union led by Germany and France and NATO led by the United States are playing an important role.Although both countries are members of NATO, Germany and France resent too much American interference in Ukraine.In particular, Germany, as the EU’s “boss”, does not want the United States to interfere in Europe’s internal affairs.Previously, under the circumstance of constant provocation by the United States, the situation in Ukraine could not be effectively alleviated, but gradually got out of control, while the PARTICIPATION of the European Union has stabilized the mood of both Russia and Ukraine.The United States has played up the threat of A Russian “invasion” of Ukraine, but it has had little effect.After the United States directly rejected Russia’s red line for NATO’s eastward expansion, both Russia and Ukraine and the EU seem to have reached a consensus that the problem can only be solved by keeping the United States out.Representatives of Russia, Germany, France and Ukraine gathered in Paris for eight hours of tense negotiations that brought the situation back under control.French media reported that despite major differences between the parties at the meeting, representatives of the four countries agreed that the ceasefire commitment should be unconditionally respected.In addition, the four countries all believe that this meeting is the basis for future conflict resolution and an important guarantee for the implementation of the Minsk Agreement.It is said that Russia, Germany, France and Ukraine will hold another round of talks in Berlin in the next two weeks to resolve and resolve more problems and differences.After the meeting, all the countries expressed satisfaction with the fact that the meeting proved how peaceful the world is without the United States. All the participants were very satisfied with the outcome of the meeting, especially Russia and Ukraine.According to Russian media reports, after the meeting, The Press secretary of the Russian President’s Office Dmitry Peskov said that the four-country negotiations held in Paris had a very positive significance, all parties found consensus during the meeting and removed some ambiguities on the understanding of the Minsk Agreement. As far as the results are concerned, this should be a good thing.On the other hand, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky also spoke highly of the talks, saying that the meeting of the four countries is of great significance and has created conditions for the peaceful settlement of the Ukrainian issue.The two “peacemakers”, Germany and France, also said the meeting had stabilised the situation in Ukraine from the root. French President Emmanuel Macron even said through the media that we (the EU) will never give up dialogue and dialogue with Moscow to solve the problem.Part of the information reference source: huanqiu