Volkswagen’s new “spicy steamed bun”, is it hot enough?

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On March 31, Volkswagen’s new “spicy steamed bun” — or the extended version of Volkswagen Lingdu L — finally arrived!The new car has four models, among which the Hot Version is priced at 149,900 yuan, the hot hot version at 159,900 yuan, the cool hot version at 169,900 yuan, and the super hot flagship version at 189,900 yuan.At the same time, SAIC Volkswagen also gave 85% discount for 2 years and 20% discount for 3 years to maintain the repurchase rights and 4,000 yuan replacement subsidy, and also provided a variety of financial policies to meet the requirements of 0 down payment /0 monthly mortgage payment /0 interest rate or low down payment and low monthly mortgage payment. Saic Volkswagen’s regular customers can also enjoy a subsidy of 10,000 yuan for exchange and purchase.I believe many people remember the evil advertising words of “luxury and comfortable wide body sedan car” of Volkswagen Lingdu last generation, which has also become an old meme in the car circle.”So wide that you can’t see the co-pilot”, “when I bought a car, the basement was abandoned because it was too wide to get into”…In 2014, when the Internet was not as developed as it is now, it almost spread all over the Internet.The homonym of “Lamando is spicy steamed bread” also makes many people deeply remember this compact Volkswagen sedan whose positioning is higher than Sagitar.This time, maybe it is because its style is too provocative, completely different from Volkswagen’s family-style design language, or maybe it has a new positioning in the new era. Volkswagen Lingdu L’s advertising slogan has become “spicy aesthetic digital sedan car”.I have to say, if the label is off, it does look a bit like a Ferrari Portofino.So, is the new Volkswagen Lingdo L hot enough?Compared with the old model, what improvements have been made?One, ugly to the extreme is hot?Compared with the normal appearance of the previous generation of Volkswagen Lingdu, the comments on the new Volkswagen Lingdu L are mostly negative, and the most sarcastic word is ugly.It’s even been compared to the latest BMW 2-Series, which, well, emMM does seem a bit irritating.But if I had to comment on the look of the new Lamando L, I’d say it bears a striking resemblance to a new comedienne: Yoko Yoko.Both are labeled “hot eyes,” and at first glance they don’t look like much, but when you look at them, you realize — how did they get nice again?!Which brings us to the slightly pompous german-Italian design of the new Volkswagen Lamdo L.It adopts a very bold design style in the front part, integrating vw’s own ID.The new energy series of through-through lamp belt + luminous logo, and the oversized dot matrix front air intake grille is placed below, with the aerodynamic design of the original fog lamp position, adding a bit of Italian flavor to the whole car.In addition, the large curvature of the engine compartment also creates a very low visual effect, four bars to accentuate the muscular feel.And two sharp shaped LED headlights have also become the focal point of the whole front part, highlighting the taste of the whole car “hot eyes”.The new car is equipped with a frameless door, which makes Volkswagen Lamando L become the only car with a frameless door at the same level, with a direct sense of fashion.The style of sliding back also seems to have a bit of the taste of Volkswagen CC, with raised waist line and large size sports hub, so that the whole car becomes more dynamic.In addition, SAIC Volkswagen also launched an official color service, including green, pink, blue, green and so on a total of 5 matte color matching, no longer need to worry about looking for outside the film master craft not pass, but also re-paste.As for the rear part, the biggest highlight is actually the new Volkswagen Lamando L with a hatchback rear door design, top-of-the-line models also have an electric rear door.It’s a bit of a Skoda, but the greater opening and more room in the trunk do give the coupe some practical attributes.And the taillight is still the Volkswagen ID series throughout the design, the middle of the luminous label with black trim, more fierce and publicity.At the bottom of the LAMANDO, an “L” was added to highlight the new car’s elongated identity.In short, if we use a word to describe it, it is “ugly to the extreme is spicy”.Ii. What are the improvements of the new model?In fact, as early as 2014, Volkswagen released a concept car named NMC (New Midsize Coupe, New compact class Coupe), which is the prototype of the first generation of Volkswagen Lamando.However, what is unexpected is that Volkswagen Lamando, born from NMC, was able to be officially launched at the Chengdu Auto Show a few months later.The new car is equipped with EA211 1.4T and EA888 1.8T engines, and its biggest characteristic is that it can have more space and practical attributes compared with other sports cars on the basis of retaining certain sports styling. It belongs to the type of household and sports without delay.Due to its early success, SAIC Volkswagen later launched Volkswagen Lingdo GTS for the performance market, which is equipped with a high-power EA888 2.0T turbocharged engine with only 0-100km/h acceleration, also known as the “three-compartment GTI”.However, with the increasingly fierce competition in the compact car market and the explosion of new products of various car companies, Volkswagen Lamando finally faded out of people’s sight, until this time, Volkswagen Lamando L returned with a controversial attitude.As a replacement, the new Lamando L will be based on VW’s MQB Evo platform, so the starting point is high enough.In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4784/1831/1469mm, respectively, and the wheelbase is 2731mm. Although it is positioned as a compact car, the wheelbase, length and space are in line with b-class cars.And in the past, the public will use nesting doll design to layout the interior, but this time there is a great change in the public Lingdu L.If I remember correctly, this is the first time for Volkswagen to use dual-screen in the interior. The combination of 10-inch LCD meter and 10-inch central control screen is enough for both the sense of technology and the actual intelligent and digital experience.The two angled screens, combined with the center console that tilts toward the driver, also create the look and feel of the hugging cockpit, which is very driving atmosphere.The new car will provide black and red and black and blue two color themes, the overall texture is still in line with the positioning of “premium A class coupe”.In addition, Volkswagen Lamando L is also equipped with AR-HUD head-up display and L2 level auxiliary driving system and other technological configurations. The small size of the electronic switch is also a major feature, which is small and delicate.Beats co-branded sound, it seems to let the masses lingdu L more than a bit of the tide of science and technology to play.In terms of space, according to autohome’s evaluation, the 170cm tall passenger has 1 punch head space in the front row, 4 fingers head space in the back row and 2 punches leg space, which is exactly the space performance of B-class cars 10 years ago.In addition to the rich interior storage space and great reserve car, the overall performance can really be described with good.Finally, the tail tag of all new Volkswagen Lamando L models is 280TSI, which means that all models of SAIC Volkswagen Lamando L are equipped with the well-known EA211 1.4T turbocharged engine, which has a peak power of 150 HP and a peak torque of 250 N · m. It is matched with a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox.The powertrain can be traced back to the 2014 Golf 7, the flagship version of which is powered by the high-powered 1.4T turbocharged engine.This powertrain can basically be described as reactive power, the biggest characteristic is that it can provide relatively good power performance in intense driving, and in daily driving because of low displacement and high transmission efficiency of the gearbox, it is very fuel-efficient.However, if there is no accident, Volkswagen’s new 1.5T EVO engine will be launched in China, and both power performance and fuel consumption will be much better than cash.But whether it will appear in the public lingdu L, or unknown.But if it were me, I would choose to be a wait party to change the money next year before buying, after all, wait party never say die.In fact, from the product characteristics of Volkswagen Lamando L, the three labels of youth, sport and individuality can indeed reach many young people, and it seems that they are also facing models like Honda Civic, Mazda Ancela and LYNk 03.However, compared with the old models, Volkswagen Lamando L has greatly improved its practicality and sense of science and technology, especially the configuration of “hatchback rear door + frameless door”, which may help Volkswagen Lamando L win the battle.The only uncertainty is whether the appearance is acceptable to young people.Let’s wait and see how it performs.