World of Warcraft retro suit: Ashbringer opens to turn in, server rebalancing, but these eight go separately

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The popularity of P3 stage of Warcraft TBC nostalgia is indeed high. The difficulty of haishan and Black Temple made many players see hope, and directly revived the “cold” of P2, many servers began to queue up.When it comes to P3 queuing, it has to be mentioned that Ashbringer is open to turn in, finally making this old server reappear vitality;With many obedience noon platoon, G brother lamenting the last time such a situation or BWL, and after server rebalance, the following eight temporarily do not go.Don’t go to remember the eight server in TBC just came, the ashbringer, blue sky, the song of Holland may call it the most popular of the three servers, as the free turn, quite a few players left can’t stand in line, especially the ashbringer, gradually from the relative balance of server into tribal unilateral server, alliance become very rare,It was once a protected animal.With this free transfer, many players chose to return to their former homes, putting Emberbringer in balance once again.Having said ashbringer, The situation of Blue Sky Song and Hahoran is much better, although it is one-sided advantage, but the number of the weak side is not small, and always maintain a state of large numbers.With this line up, Haholan started to ride the dust, but Puchwick followed, blue, Van Kreis, Mograine, Call of the Dragon almost matched, started the line up at the same stage, and intensified.Then is oro, blue sky song, Blessing, lion heart, the above eight servers really do not recommend everyone to join in the fun, because from noon to open the queuing situation very affect the game experience, time is easy to be irritable.At the end of version 60, many players began to wait for TBC, and Naxx became available to play or not to play. However, as the eve of TBC came, the queuing situation became serious and lasted until the opening of TBC stage P1.In those days, people were really happy when they started to level 5, until karazhan was very happy, but as some teams moved into Grur and Matheridon, some players fell behind.On the one hand, I don’t want to continue the content I played more than ten years ago. On the other hand, the professional discrimination is serious, so I just temporarily AFK.P2 stage and again knife after P1 of precipitation, some players playing even several number in the hand, but with the weakening of P2 before this coming, a lot of players found it wrong, the difficulty of the double tail king let many teams card before the acura, this situation has caused some players to AFK again, can say, before the arrival of P3No one knows what to expect.After P2 nerfed, TBC made a bit of a nostalgic comeback, but it’s not quite on par with P1, and blizzard is clearly aware of the issue, with P2 nerfed after half a month of being coy.P3 is the familiar taste. From PTR, the feeling of P3 double book is not right. This is not right for difficulty.We should know that TBC started from P3 directly. For many players, P3 is the familiar taste. There was already a player base, and the difficulty was weakened accordingly, so the return of popularity became inevitable.In the first CD, more than half of the teams that completed the dark Temple were from The Chinese server, which shows the status of stage P3 in the hearts of players.Write in the last world of Warcraft TBC nostalgic clothing the next direction has begun to clear, when the difficulty is no longer a problem, so players will play more “bold and unrestrained”.In other words, it is not necessary to follow the G group to complete the whole, nor is it necessary to finish the dark temple in 2 hours is successful, as long as casually can get the opportunity to touch the egg knife, then slowly play well, out of the better, not out of the continue to play casually.Low difficulty of the group and seemingly not low egg knife drop rate, a hot P3 stage has been revealed, no accident, many players began to play what trumpet?If you haven’t practiced shaman before, then I suggest you practice hunter.As for the smaller ones that you want for the WLK version, we can talk about them in six months.- Every day G brother to chat with you about the world of Warcraft nostalgia clothing in those small things, I wish everyone can perfect avoid pit.