A famous university in Hebei province is a national key university, among the best in the country

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A famous university in Hebei province is a national key university, among the best in the country.The topic of university is by no means out of date, but I think education is becoming more and more important now, it is becoming more and more important, today, I would like to introduce to you a famous university in Hebei Province yanshan University.Yanshan University is a state key university co-established by the People’s Government of Hebei Province, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense.The above is the official introduction, I have also been there, I know yanshan University is now in Qinhuangdao, currently, there are two campuses, east campus and west campus, Yanshan University is the best university in Qinhuangdao.School environment Yanshan University environment is first-class, the east campus is near the sea, I went to the summer vacation, blowing the sea breeze every day very comfortable, the school dormitory is very cheap, sea view room, I remember the yanda library at the first sight, will never forget, I went there for the first time at night, but I have to take a picture of the library at night.Yan SAN University also has a small lake, like a poet walking on the stone bridge feeling, there are small fish in the lake, students in their spare time cleaning, for The Yan University campus added a bit smart, in addition to these, Yan University has a lot of beautiful scenery.Yanshan university professional 1. Mechanical design and automation this major is yan university ace is one of the professional, the professional is one of Japan’s leading professional, as a result of this major, a lot of people are applying to this school, because of its strong scientific research strength and excellent education resources, and the professional development for professional is the icing on the cake.My high school classmates happened to apply for the major of Mechanical Design and Automation in this school. According to them, their education environment is very stressful, but it is worthwhile, and the teachers are very kind and responsible.2. Electrical Engineering and Automation is the second major in Zhejiang University, but it is very good. The recommendation index is as high as 4.8 (full score 5.0), only 0.1 point lower than mechanical design and automation.Nevertheless this major boy still is a lot of, the likelihood is the problem that a lot of people worry, the girl is very few, but the obtain employment prospect of this major still is very bright, need not worry salary.3. The major of Metal Materials Engineering ranks the third in Yang University with a recommendation index of 4.7. It has a strong faculty, but at the same time the university has strong scientific research ability, forming an excellent learning environment.Many people are satisfied with this major, and the salary is not the highest, but the employment rate is very high, which is not as low as some majors. At present, the country may lack talents in this field, so we support all those who study this major.Cherish the present. If you have a chance, you can experience the beautiful scenery of Yanshan University directly. Only by experiencing it yourself can you appreciate its beauty.