About to disappoint Biden?With Ukraine and Russia suddenly agreeing to a ceasefire, America is playing another dirty trick

2022-06-10 0 By

As the recent standoff between Russia and Ukraine was tense, the outside world paid great attention to it, reported Huanqiu.com.The United States, which is in the way of this issue, has not been idle, and its actions in recent days have once again revealed its ambition to destabilize the border situation between Russia and Ukraine.Evacuating embassy staff and beefing up military forces in Eastern Europe have exacerbated the border crisis between Ukraine and Russia.In addition, the United States is also planning to provide a large amount of natural gas to Europe, so it can be seen that the United States pursues the “America First” policy, want to “one country alone” ambition has never decreased!To let Joe biden down on Jan. 25, the United States, White House officials said foreign currently in the United States are negotiations with countries and companies around the world, a move aimed at Washington are broken, because on the one hand able to weaken Russia’s economic strength, on the other hand, can make the Russian economic structure simplification feel sanctions from the United States!In fact, the relationship between the United States and Russia has always been not harmonious, the United States has always regarded Russia as a thorn in its side, like China, the United States believes that Russia is a great threat to its own country, is a great threat to its position in the world’s first country.But in response to the U.S. sanctions, Russian experts say biden may be disappointed again.The us media believe that the “Berlin airlift” is very similar with the early cold war, while Russia, said the United States or in a short time was unable to complete your goal, from the reality, the initiative is still in the hands of Moscow, and that is why European countries can have been treated with caution in public sanctions Moscow’s advice.In the face of the confrontation between Russia and Ukraine, in fact, Russia has always hoped that both sides can try not to fire on fire, Russia just wants Ukraine not to join the eastward expansion of NATO, and from the Ukrainian side repeatedly said that Kiev also quite have such ideas,After all, once opened fire on the economy of both countries and people’s livelihood is a great impact!However, in the face of the confrontation between Russia and Ukraine, the United States obviously does not think so, by the hand of Ukraine to influence Russia, to lure Ukraine into NATO eastward expansion, it is more convenient to control their own rights, so the United States has repeatedly encouraged Ukraine to engage in confrontation, but also repeatedly urged Ukraine to be the first to seize the board!How could America swallow the recent ceasefire agreement between Russia and Ukraine, which has prompted a new plan?President Joe Biden said he would consider direct sanctions against Vladimir Putin if Russia “invaded” Ukraine.In response to Biden’s remarks, Russia said that the U.S. action is politically destructive, the sanctions should not cause pain to Russia’s supreme leader, if the United States continues to go ahead, then the SANCTIONS will target not just Putin, but the entire Russian people.Part of the news reference source: huanqiu net