Selected Poems of “Fujian Poet” Yu Peixiang (5)

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Yu Peixiang, pen name dongdongfeng, net name Xili tea xiang, graduated from Fuzhou University, is now the ancient and modern poetry world editorial board and a member of jiuzhou metrical Poetry society, the poetry collection “Confucian Wind Hui Yun”.Poetry on jiangshan beauty beauty eyes, heroes fall in love.Jiangshan stay, long song.Frost falls with Yin withered leaves by mud, cloud flooding seawall.Metasequoia flying egrets, moonlight sprinkling rivers and streams.The rain falls fujian river full, the wind blows reed low.Autumn sound moves far, frost falls dye field furrow.Frost’s descent with the feeling of the cold wind crazy last night, the late autumn gradually cool.Red maple mountains, yellow chrysanthemums under the hedge.Silver dew condensation frost descent, hongxia drunk sunset.Orderly section sequence, meaning elegant spectrum Chapter.Shaohua does not stay negative lingyunzhi, shaohua can not stay.But frost dyed temples, there is wine to add sorrow.Maomashan lake, blowing orange island.The bright moon before the window, waking up difficult to rest.Another year in the dust, what’s so embarrassing to talk about?Turn to poem page three thousand volumes, do not understand had not edge.Mountain peak when the horse, hate no wings fly far away.The west wind does not send the eagle back, how teng cloud pull the moon?Last night drunk wine every know has a thousand cup less, ya borrow cloud feeling fast horse urge.Nine people have drunk, last night do not know when to return?Tape measure can bend can stretch need not pour, this life bengguan is what sound?Measure people and things without words, length and height in mind.The Great Wall xiongfeng stretches thousands of miles long, just like the dragon dance yao East.The sky is extremely cloud swallow fog, layer layer stack wall.Hundred zhang fort stands tall, great achievements for a long time.Majestic majestic majestic wind in unforgettable hegemony Qin Shihuang.Frost’s descent with Yin residual lotus silently mooring lake Hugh, pieces of maple red attachment to stay.Saibei Populus euphratica picture scroll, Jiangnan jin Ju xiu branches.Xinjiang days condensation ice thick, Xizang cold old steed sorrow.Section sequence reincarnation frost to, poetry fu send spring and Autumn.Winter cotton yarn warm royal wind and frost, mink trousers cold to elegant outfit.Saibei xiaoxiao snow cold, lingnan rustling cold.House two 梱 wool storage, home three boxes of hide fur jacket.Who is the most elegant winter clothes?Delicate hands my mother.Banlan with Yin banlan far look at the hills, crescent curved xuan leisurely.The lake glides along the willow shore, the blue waves ripple across the empty boat.Vast years love difficult to give up, adrift life what easy to ask?Three cups of kiln wine know rites and music, poetry and elegant writing spring and Autumn.Thousands of poetry chief editor: Zheng Wancai Deputy chief editor: Wang Huiling, Hu Min, Liu Chenghao, Wang Tianming, Qingshui Iren, Hu Xiaona Editor: Liu Banquan, Yang Yulong, Liu Aihong, Wei Huabiao, Xie Xunlie Copyright note: “Thousands of poetry” issued by the poetry, are authorized by the author