Why is Luoyang Laojun Mountain called break up mountain?It’s not clear why, but there is a watershed

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I do not know when, “why laojun Mountain is called breakup Mountain” this question began to spread quietly on the Internet.稆 guest search found, such as “Laojun Mountain is a very evil place, I heard that couples can not go to this place, go to will break up.”Some people say laojun Mountain is a break up mountain, I heard that couples who go to break up Mountain will break up, I don’t know who said that, but it is a very magical place, Laojun Mountain is about to become a break up holy land” there are many arguments.Some female netizens joked that they wanted to find a boyfriend to go to Laojun Mountain together, carry my backpack, take photos for me, and break up when they came back.As for the reason, that is “mainly because I want to wear Hanfu to go, can not spare the backpack.”Another netizen said, “I dare not say goodbye in the future, laojun Mountain is so high, the brand is not easy to remove!”The “brand” mentioned by netizens is a wishing sign hanging on an ancient tree in Laojun Mountain.A few days ago, 稆 guests went to Laojun Mountain.On the way up the mountain, I did see a lot of old trees hung with different wishes and peace cards, some of which made people laugh after reading.As for what the user said, wearing Hanfu, let her boyfriend “help me backpack, help me take photos”, 稆 guests observed, there really are many such little sister.In the company of their boyfriend, all the way to laugh, all the way to walk, hand in hand, arm in arm, such as the act of intimacy, let a person look at the heart of envy.To see the happy couple on the journey, 稆 visitors wondered why laojun Mountain, with such beautiful scenery, was dubbed “break up mountain” by netizens.Since it is called “break up mountain”, why can attract so many young people “without hesitation” to travel?Puzzled.Whether Laojun Mountain is a “break up mountain” is unknown to 稆 visitors, and they can’t find the source of information, let alone the example of breaking up after a trip. However, laojun Mountain does have a “watershed” scenic spot.Laojun Mountain “watershed” scenic spot is located in shiliping, where you can enjoy the rare spectacle of granite peak forest in China.However, laojun Mountain’s “watershed” scenic spot name is related to geography.Laojun Mountain is located in funiu Mountain range, which belongs to the classic section of Qinling orogenic belt in central China.As we all know, the Qinling Mountains are not only the transitional zone between the north and the South, but also the watershed of the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers. Funiu Mountain is also the watershed of the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers.However, there is another river in Henan, namely the Huai River.Therefore, Funiu Mountain (including Laojun Mountain) is an important watershed of the Yellow River, huaihe River and Yangtze River.Therefore, there is laojun Mountain “watershed” this scenic spot.This shows that Laojun Mountain is the watershed between the Yangtze river and the Yellow River, rather than a “parting mountain” for lovers.(Lv guest)