Xutuan Town of Mengcheng County of Anhui Bozhou: many measures set off a new climax of afforestation

2022-06-10 0 By

Spring is infinitely good, the most time to plant trees.Xutuan town, Mengcheng County, Anhui province seized the current key season of afforestation and took effective measures to raise the climax of afforestation in spring within the scope of the town.Promote widely and create atmosphere.The town by Posting signs, banners, a variety of forms such as radio, WeChat group increase afforestation propaganda, to the broad masses of afforestation of economic benefits and good prospects, make the concept of “green water castle peak is the jinshan yinshan” everyone knows, a household name, form all CARES actively greening, all the new pattern of voluntary forestation.Fine planning, fine organization.The town organizes on-site observation meeting to inspect the space plots suitable for planting trees in the whole town area.According to the goal of planting trees, the person in charge of the town will make a unified planning for the farmland forest network, set standards and quantity, and the town’s agricultural comprehensive station staff will carry out the whole process of technical guidance, and make scientific planning according to local conditions to improve the survival rate.Emphasis on methods and practical results.The town will contract mechanism, management and protection mechanism as the key to grasp, ensure labor input, perfect afforestation mechanism.Organize town and village cadres to visit and study advanced planting villages, include planting and afforestation tasks into the assessment content of each village, and make ranking notification every week, push forward with pressure, pay close attention to implementation, and ensure the high-quality development of afforestation in the whole town.(Zhang Mengmei)