Allon education | Yisu One-key restore 4.8 official version (green version) “Backup and Restore”

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Software main interface function comparison Table Easy Number One Button restore is a system backup and restore software based on DiskGenius kernel development, support Chinese idiot wizard operation interface, safe, reliable and easy to use, support GPT system partition, support EFI architecture operating system, support incremental backup and multi-point restore.Multiple emergency restoration modes are supported.Easy to count one key restore and Ghost which better?1.Easy number one button restore software has a full Chinese wizard interface, the whole operation process let you look at a glance, easy to use.This is Ghost as the core of the other system backup restoration software can not match, Ghost core interface is English.2.Easy number one key restore support incremental backup and multiple time point restore, Ghost does not have this function.3 Ghost backup and restore the speed is very fast, after the backup of the image file is very small, but easy to number a key to restore the backup and restore speed is faster than Ghost (fast about 20%), after the backup of the image file is smaller!▌ Extract code: rdW2 (Circle card has been added here, please check it on toutiao client)