B: A club like Manchester United should not go so long without winning a trophy

2022-06-11 0 By

Manchester United are about to play Southampton in the Premier League.United’s fee spoke to the media before the match, during which he talked about the team’s situation.”I think we are doing well and there are a lot of things to improve and I think everyone is aware of that because we know Manchester United can do better,” fee said.”Obviously we’ve had a lot of good results since Rangnick took charge, but when we look back we still think United could have picked up more points in the league.”I think Rangnick brings to United the way he plays, the mentality he has, the way he thinks is best for us and so on.After that, every player has to do his best to help the team get better.””I am really happy with my time at the club and I always said it would be a nightmare not to win a title with the club because it would be to do it with Manchester United.”I think it’s not only for me but also because I think Manchester United deserve to win it, the fans deserve to win it and a club like Manchester United shouldn’t have gone so long without it.””Two weeks ago we had two chances to win the title and now we only have one chance to win it.We have to fight for it, for our position in the Premier League and finish as high as we can.”