Russian reinforcements to Europe in the Far East, Odessa under shelling, may be the next target

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With the siege of Mariupol and Kharkiv, the next move of the Russian army is attracting more attention.It was only a matter of time before Kharkiv and Mariupol were captured by the Russian army when there were no reinforcements outside.What should the Russians aim for next?All eyes are on Odessa, which will be Ukraine’s last coastline if Mariupol falls to Russian forces.Odessa is of great importance to Both Russia and Ukraine.At the beginning of Russia’s special military operation against Ukraine, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko showed a military map at the Belarusian Defense and Security Council. He pointed specifically to Odessa and declared that The Russian army would attack Odessa by amphibious landing.So far, Russian troops have not moved, but this is still happening.On March 16, a spokesman for Ukraine’s Interior Ministry said 14 Russian warships had shelled Odessa, firing missiles and artillery from a long distance off the coast near the village of Tuzla in Odessa.Ukrainian Interior Ministry spokesman Andrei Glashchenko said the Russian troops were trying to test Odessa’s coastal defense system, but did not send troops to land.Washington local time on March 16, the United States Pentagon officials said in an interview with reporters:The US has observed an increase in Russian naval activity in the northern Black Sea, and although Odessa itself has not been attacked by Russian forces, towns around it and even some landing beaches have been attacked, possibly in preparation for some kind of landing in Odessa.”We wouldn’t be surprised to see them take Odessa, given its strategic location,” the official said.According to the WEBSITE of the American Naval Academy, amphibious warships from the Russian Black Sea Fleet have been mobilized, and 14 Russian ships are active, leading Russian minesweepers as they approach the coast of Odessa and then return to the Crimean naval port of Sevastopol.In early 2022, six Russian amphibious landing ships will cross the Turkish Strait from the Mediterranean to the Black Sea. It is estimated that these six amphibious landing ships can transport 69 main battle tanks and 1,950 soldiers.In late February, thousands of Russian troops landed unopposed on the coast of Mariupol in the Sea of Azov to take part in the siege of mariupol.It’s worth noting that in late February, Odessa’s local TELEVISION broadcast a navigable warning about minefields in the waters south of the city.I’m afraid that’s why the Russian minesweepers are here, to clear the way for the Russian navy to land.Military experts have previously said that Odessa’s local terrain is very unsuitable for an amphibious landing on the beachhead. Basically, it is swamp and sand bank, and behind the sand bank is shallow wetland. The landing force cannot advance unless it is forced through the mud flat by hovercraft.Karolino-buhaz, the only town suitable for an amphibious landing, has been mined by The Ukrainian army, and the beachhead is residential. Even if the Russians can break through, the first battle is likely to be brutal street fighting.So an amphibious landing at Odessa is a major challenge for the Russian military.The US military agrees that Russian amphibious forces are not good at amphibious landings in dangerous areas and need a safe beach to deploy their tanks and marines.In addition, Japan has noted a surge of Russian troops in Europe from the Far East.On March 16, a Japanese defense ministry official said that all Russian amphibious units in the Pacific are active and may be supporting Russian forces in Ukraine, according to a post on the website of the American Naval Academy.On March 15 and 16, Japan’s maritime monitoring agency observed four Russian naval amphibious warships passing through the Tsugaru Strait, which may be transporting troops and vehicles for operations in Ukraine, he said.But he said the aim of the Amphibious forces was not to go directly to the battlefield in Ukraine, but to transport Russian troops and equipment deployed in the Kuril Islands to Vladivostok, where they will be transported by rail to Europe.This is likely to indicate that the Russian military has also suffered losses on the Ukrainian battlefield and is in urgent need of replenishment.It has to be said that the battlefield situation in Ukraine is gradually entering a critical stage.