Sail against the current?With the new “lean on the Sky” to do the family happy New Year film, Wang Jing’s regressive really let a person feel distressed!

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Recently, in the hot topic is discussing jin Yong film reduction degree of the present, Wang Jing also offered a unique Hong Kong film – magic change.It’s hard to resist the fact that women’s roles have shrunk, but why do we have to do weird stitching?To let Zhou Zhi if quickly into Emei, so give her a Yang do not regret.And small zhao that part of the plot is more outrageous, forcibly let her eat a spider alive, to suggest that she has Yin from the shadow.Or maybe it explains the immediacy of the spiderman flying around during her appearance.Zhou Zhi if the eye makeup is too coquettish, to black after just suitable.The net red face of small zhao is really unbearable, the photo that sees her before still quite pure, regrettable.In comparison, Wen Yongshan played Zhao Min is good, although not clever enough, but the early cold and late fall in love with Zhang Wuji after the tenderness, or very moving.There are still some nostalgic elements, including BGM of sword like dream, and Xie Xun of Tsui Kam-jiang, Yin Su-su’s actors are also very similar to Sujia’s version, especially when he was injured and dying, of course there should be a lot of things of Jet Li’s version, but unfortunately the impression is not too deep.We, the generation born in the 1980s and 1990s, cannot always look at things in the old way.Maybe a few years later, it will be the classic of the post-00s, including the children of the decade?It’s bad, but it’s not as bad as we think.Of course, Yun Qianqian and Qiu Yinong also have their problems.Lin Feng is too old, Donnie Yen is too grumpy, Louis Koo is too ugly.But we should be objective and realistic.Maybe the rest of us are still living in a time of cultural deprivation.I always think memories are the best, but this is not a reason to belittle the movie.Netizens hope that actors should take care of their feathers. Since they are over 50 years old, they should not dress up as girls and perform in the same costumes as those in the past, which would ruin the classic for the audience.It would be nice to wear the clothes of a 50-year-old woman and play zhao Min, who has been hiding in the woods with Zhang Moji for more than 20 years.Like huang Rong in the divine sculpture, maybe some people are not satisfied with people, but no one said that Huang Rong destroyed the classic, because she is married for many years, there is no old cucumber brush green paint.If this is nothing, nostalgia memorial yao, is to take this publicity, do not affect what.But if it’s really acting, I can’t accept it. Everyone gets old, but that doesn’t mean you can play a role that doesn’t fit you regardless of the actual situation.Like Liu Xiaoqing, 43 years old play that Wu Zetian, even if the old but acting online, the girl is not against and also very good, then 61 play that Sui and Tang heroes really not line.Another way to think about it, if you in order to make a living, in the late age of the agency let you play the role you used to be, do you accept or not to accept, do not accept will starve, accept will be blamed by the keyboard man.I always speak the truth directly, and they did not insult China, and did not do anything out of the ordinary, although it is late but in order to live, there is no way to play the role of the past.When you are 80 or 90 years old and want to act in movies, your body does not allow you, so you can not live without regret. Please understand and tolerate each other.As for Zhang Sanfeng, sammo Hung’s version is better.Moreover, the characters of the whole film feel that Huashan played more smoothly.Zhang Wuji or Zhang Sanfeng let Wuyue to play, but the lines adapted, and then the replacement is so the thing, the screenwriter (adapted) and the director to take full responsibility, can not think of is the same wang Jing director, the gap is so big, there is a hall.In the ticket circle a piece of curse to see the end of the new sky dragon, many viewers have left a message: qiu Shuzhen back!Is not to say qiu Shuzhen’s acting has much good, however that eyebrow eye that manner, not be now machine-made cheek can replace, dubbing deserves painstakingly “melting charming spruce” instead more make a person disgusted.But once said, I think Wang Pangzi is very like Yang Guo, like aunt, later met women or eyebrows or eyes or manner feel like aunt;The actresses wang Pangzi later promoted always thought there was something like Qiu Shuzhen.Speaking of Wang Pangzi is a successful businessman, this play is used to do family happy New Year film, I think it is not against the law.Although the 1993 version also nonsense magic to change a, but there is a Hong Kong comedy martial arts unique lightness, can let a person with relish to see the complete piece.In contrast, the 2022 version wanted to be serious, but it could not withstand scrutiny. Several scenes were changed beyond recognition, and there were serious logic wounds.As in the homework “winter vacation garden” of primary school, like a revolving lantern by the point to advance the plot;Casting in a complete mess, before there is yakuza eldest brother appearance zhang Sanfeng Zhang Cuishan, after to fit Lin Feng old rind was born at the age of 32 Zhang Wuji, not to mention the history of the ugliest Zhou Zhi if and small zhao.Do not know that wang Jing younger brother true love is Wen Yongshan, qiu Yi thick and yun Qianqian is to Wen Yongshan lift zhao Min beautiful, however, the end of the song two “Cloud Qianqian” out, can cover the coffin to determine who is true love.Thank you for watching, follow me, take you to know more entertainment stories!Want to know more exciting content, come to watch Wei Hong fun chat entertainment