Korean classic love movie must see 10 recommended!This Valentine’s Day, have a date at home and watch a romantic movie together.

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Released in 2004, it is a Korean classic romance film, which must see the first place.By “people first” Sun Yi true and sung for the first time the cooperation, Sun Yi really in the homeland is an innocence, accidentally met handsome appearance construction workers sung, even each other identity disparity, Sun Yi initiate various pour still really offensive, as in “landing of love” the world is always bold pursuit of true love, with a sweet smile melted that seemed cold sung,The first half of the film sprinkled sugar without money, the second half is the need for a handkerchief to finish watching, the whole film in addition to watching the young and handsome Yu Sheng, Sun Xian played The Alzheimer’s disease vividly natural, is also a highlight.2. Age: 43Woo, zo in-sung, Sun Yi true Sun Yi another classic romance is definitely “originated not poverty” in 2003, her daughter play 2003 and mother live in 1968, through the mother’s love letters and recapture memories of her first love, the original mother and first love object (woo) because of family disparity in pain and struggle,Have a memorable love;The theme song “Me to You, You to Me” is a Korean national song. The melody will take You back to the scene of Sohn Ye-jin and Jo In-sung running in the rain.Even “The Life of a Smart Doctor” revives the classic song.3. The Jungle BookJeon Ji-hyun and Lee Jeong-jae won the 20th Blue Dragon Award for Best Actor for his role in the movie No Sun, becoming the youngest actor in The history of South Korea. In his early years, he also made many classic romantic movies.Such as about an affair “affair” and “the lake house” the across time and space love film, through a cottage by the sea in front of the box, and another space-time heroine (gianna jun) correspondence, in turn, love, science fiction romance can also shoot beautiful deep, and also by the United States Warner Brothers to buy copyright,The remake is Called “Love Letters From Time To Time,” starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock.4. Age: 43Sung, cha tae-hyun, Li Ji rain, Lin xiujing, Jin Shiyuan, shin min, marking, LianJing, Lv Zhen nine light movie posters can know, is a sweet and sad film, by four story constitute a complete film, in addition to the life and death to leave, break up a mother’s love and regret, ending with a sad, sad is to make people more happy,Also learn to cherish the people and things around, undeniably the biggest highlight is the cast, a line up quite eye-catching zheng Yusheng, Che Tae-hyun, Lin Xiujing, Shin Miner, Lian Jingya and then young Lu Zhenjiu, luxury lineup five star recommendation.4. 5. Smart refrigeratorLee je-hoon, uhm tae woong, ga, miss, grace wave, Cao Zheng Shi by national first love miss the heroine of the play youth, when romance with actor lee je-hoon process of first love, and return to meet after 15 years of story, the film USES two narrative line parallel, spell the past and present details one by one together reduction, a few minutes less let no results first love,Recommended for readers who want to savor the thrill of first love.6. The End of the RoadSoo go, Han Xiao weeks, xu xian yan stone, takeshi kaneshiro, Beijing film of south Korean movie, love story by firefighters soo go play male leading role, because lost his wife and live in the pain, one day on duty in the injured and thus meet the heroine Han Xiao weeks, two people also because many times the intersection, the scene of the accident have gradually fall in love with each other, become each other’s life wound OK,Suit the reader that likes to see typical pure love film, and in those days gao Xiu and Han Xiao week are quite raise an eye, love sweet feeling 5 stars recommend.7. My Photoshop Partner (2012)Jin Ya zhong and Ji Sheng recommend a special love story for those who want to watch. PS refers to “Phone Sex”. The male and female protagonists Chi Cheng and Jin Ya Zhong start the story development because of a Sex Phone call.The theme song “Show me your underwear” is the biggest highlight. It is direct and vulgar but also fits the trend of this story. It is recommended by five stars for fun.8. Rain You Meet Again (2018)So ji sub, Sun Yi really adapted from kawakami novel “now, very wants to see you”, starring so ji sub and Sun Yi really, the hero’s wife, told him before death, will not be back in the next rainy season, and his wife also really truthfully returned home, but also lost all the memory, then his wife found used to write diary, to review the process of encounter with Mr. Fell in love,So Ji-sub and Sohn Ye-jin have a superb performance in the film, and the love, family, friendship and the bondage of the performance are in place, recommended for the readers who like warm love movies, or want to cry.9. Invisible Love (2011)So ji sub, Han Xiao week is another classic love movie, so ji sub by a boxer, he plays the to make a living in the past has been in prison, and then met Han Xiao weeks played the heroine, was silent slowly opened the door, love eventually become a couple, but with Japanese eye eyesight ebb away, male leading role to raise the medical risks are in underground,The plot is cliched but emotional, and the pictures are fresh and beautiful, guaranteed to move five stars.10. “Mr. Perfect” (2011)Gong yoo, Lin xiujing, Suzy call in, lee je-hoon a story is not just about the first love, the heroine by Lin xiujing play a stage director, because for the first love boyfriend, and gave up the perfect marriage, all eyes for her father to soften this sign’s heart and turned to “looking for love” firm, male leading role is played by gong yoo, director, and so two people have the intersection,In all not looking for the first love boyfriend to give up during, the first love boyfriend impressing, the story into three tangled feelings, the story is different from the traditional set of love movies, of course, the biggest window is Korea public money Kong Liu kiss play, the only beautiful and exciting, Mrs Hole must see five stars.