Today, the tomb-sweeping day

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Today is Tomb-sweeping Day. Only Tomb-sweeping Day is both a solar term and a festival.Light yurun wind everywhere gives a person the sense with pure and fresh and clear on the swings, flying kites are tomb-sweeping day folk customs of the people put the kite matchmaking heaven after it was cut for disease disaster as the kite away rains fall heavily as qingming comes passers-by with lowered spirits go together the day is the day of ancestor worship and the grave of ShenZhongZhuiYuan sentimental feelings we offer a bunch of flowers for the lost loved ones,Also to propose a toast to flesh and blood to defend the motherland dignity in life for our peace salute heroes don’t forget ancestors, and not miss martyrs for the restless with respect will live in the river of time into our strength in the forward let us not spring cherish every today let us be grateful with betting on recently hot information at rumpled,There was a time when it was no problem.Deyang: Three rural areas, is the “heavy decoration of the capital” more profound expression hot video more exciting video, welcome to pay attention to sichuan Rural Daily video number editor: Wang Ailin proof reading: Zuo Shan Fan Li review: Zhou Yi