Alert!Online shopping clothes tested positive, CDC urgent alert

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Recently, a number of novel coronavirus nucleic acid positive tests have been reported in China on imported goods and packages purchased from abroad.A press conference was held in Beijing today to update the city on COVID-19 prevention and control.According to the press conference, from 16:00 on April 4 to 16:00 on April 5, there was one new confirmed case of COVID-19 in Beijing. The case was a shop assistant in Xiaojin Gege Clothing Store in Chaoyang District.So far, the clothing store has six staff infected.According to media reports, the xiaojin Gege clothing store, located in Wangjing SOHO in Beijing’s Chaoyang district, sells Korean clothes and can be purchased by express delivery, according to online comments.On April 2, the Headquarters for COVID-19 Prevention and Control in Dalian, Liaoning province, announced that the genetic sequence of a new COVID-19 patient in Dalian city on April 1 was Omicron variant (BA.2 evolutionary branch), which was different from the source of the virus strains imported from China and abroad.The positive case, a shop assistant operating south Korean imported clothing, was tested positive for single gene of novel Coronavirus nucleic acid on the inner surface of the south Korean imported clothing and its packaging bag.The possibility of infection due to contact with imported objects contaminated with the Novel Coronavirus cannot be ruled out, the circular said.On April 2, the COVID-19 Prevention and control Headquarters in Changshu, Jiangsu province informed the case of Yang, a confirmed case reported on March 28. After repeated flow and testing, four samples of Online Korean hoocoats in his closet tested positive, while nucleic acid test results of other environmental, close contact, sub-close contact and general contacts were all negative.Combined with domestic cases related to imported South Korean clothing, it was analyzed that this case was related to online shopping of South Korean clothing.It is also worth mentioning that two new confirmed cases were reported in Hangzhou on March 5. The second case was a shop assistant at the New Hangzhou Fashion Shop in Sijiqing Street, Shangcheng District. Media reports said that the infected person had been in contact with imported clothes from South Korea.On March 6, an asymptomatic infected person was found in Kaihua County of Quzhou. He said that he had come to Hangzhou Sijiqing on March 1 to purchase Korean clothing and European clothing.Is there any risk of infection when citizens receive express delivery? Recently, the COVID-19 epidemic has been spreading in many places in China, and security issues such as transportation, delivery and receipt of express logistics have become hot issues.A study by the University of Hong Kong showed that omicron remained virulent on smooth surfaces for longer than the original strain, even for up to seven days.Faced with Omicron, is there a risk of infection when citizens receive express delivery?Experts believe that the longer retention time of omicron with poison is the conclusion under laboratory conditions, the public can not be too nervous, but need to pay attention to the express delivery surface and hand effective disinfection.The li Ka-shing School of Medicine at the University of Hong Kong (HKU) recently released research results showing that the omicron mutant strain can transmit the virus on smooth surfaces such as glass, plastic and stainless steel for 7 days.According to the study, the hkU medical School team compared the transmissibility and stability of the omicron variant and the original COVID-19 strain on five different surfaces.The five object materials include three types of smooth materials (stainless steel, polypropylene, glass) and two types of porous and uneven materials (facial tissues, printing paper).The results showed that on smooth surfaces, the omicron variant remained transmissible within seven days, while the original strain weakened significantly on the second day and lost its transmissible ability on the fourth day.On porous, bumpy surfaces, the omicron variant can spread virulent for 30 minutes, while the original strain loses its ability to spread after five to 15 minutes.”In general, the omicron variant is more stable than the original strain on different materials and surfaces, but whether it is more transmissible remains to be seen.”The research team said.A laboratory study published earlier this year by Japan’s Kyungatsu Medical University also showed that the Omicron variant could survive on plastic surfaces for more than eight days (193.5 hours), nearly four times longer than the original strain (56 hours) and the Delta variant (59.3 hours).First, during the epidemic prevention and control period, it is not necessary to order goods by mail from abroad, and it is prudent to order goods by mail from areas in China where local epidemic reports have been reported.2. Courier workers must strengthen personal protection and health monitoring, and take nucleic acid tests regularly to protect their own safety.Three, when receiving and unpacking, the following points should be done: Before taking the package: Take personal protection Before going out, take personal protection, wear a mask, if possible, it is recommended to carry disposable gloves, 75% alcohol or chlorine disinfectant or disinfectant wipes.When you need to sign in person, you can bring your signature pen.1. It is recommended to collect the express through the express cabinet, and avoid face-to-face contact with the Courier.2. If you receive delivery at home, you should wear a mask and gloves before contacting the Courier.3. If you pick up items at the express delivery point in the community, try to keep a social distance of more than 1 meter from the Courier and other people to avoid gathering.1. After picking up the package, it is recommended to unpack the package on the spot and try not to take the package home.2. It is recommended to disinfect the external packaging immediately after receiving the express package. Chlorine disinfectant is preferred for large items, and 75% alcohol can be used for small items.3. It is best to wear disposable gloves when disinfecting and unpacking. If it is necessary to touch hands directly, clean hands with sanitizer or running water after contact.1. The packages that can only be unsealed at home or received at home should be unsealed in time at the door of the house or on the balcony and other ventilated places. Before unpacking, the external packages can be prophylactically disinfected with chlorine disinfectant or 75% alcohol, and the disinfected packages should be properly disposed as soon as possible in accordance with the requirements for household garbage disposal;2. Wash hands under running water with soap or hand sanitizer after completion, avoid touching mouth, eyes and nose with dirty hands.Once again, we should remember to do a good job of personal protection when collecting and unpacking express goods. Do not be careless