Liao basket late night from the sky, NBA foreign aid surfaced, Li Hongqing Yang Ming to meet the person of life

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Liao basket late into the night a heaven sent fortune, foreign aid to surface in the NBA, Li Hongqing welcomed Mr. Help people recently this period of time – record is not too good, relatively more depressed, especially embodied in the two foreign aid, in – side and Mr Moran Germany performance have recently not too make the fans feel satisfied,We saw in the previous series of film and television of Zhao Jiwei and moran’s cooperate effect is fairly good, it should be said, assists Zhao Jiwei itself ability is very strong, foreign aid under the help of his soon to integrate into the team, but the problem is that Mr Moran, after joining to liaoning, he in defense of input of energy is more,It did free up Han dejun from the start, especially in the previous game against Guangdong, he was obviously able to help Han Dejun.But then the game, whether it with the shenzhen team of foreign aid, France for one-on-one hit, or with some of the other team’s large foreign aid registration process, moran whether offensive or defensive, and are not able to take advantage of to is too big, including playing that game defeat in xinjiang, but also by terry Moore crazy at the time,Behind this are many instructions in playoff game, once encounter the real test, moran, there may exist a lot of variables in this season, moran, averaging only 5.4 points, contrast in shanxi to get 14 points of this efficiency is that there is a massive landslide, so many fans have questioned said,Morland is playing well in the regular season, but it is questionable whether he will be the trump card for Liaoning in the playoffs.Pg here this time, in particular, some small body again and again, so no longer like the previous game under the condition of big kill the quartet, we very much hope of liaoning foreign aid to stand up, stand out, this time not as a foreign aid, every game like that cut a couple of very, moran’s attack and frequent problem here,So everybody is looking forward to is it possible to sign the first three foreign aid in liaoning, we’ve got Beijing fourth foreign aid, including LaoShu Guo Shiqiang also cited in the frenzy of the foreign aid, so from the point of the current situation, your arms at the end of the contest, the foreign aid here that would be lost if the fold, recently have fans crazy preach the earnest, is the rockets of the forward before,But it doesn’t really look like it right now.But it’s quite interesting buss was again the fans brought, and buss’s brother on social media as the bath before drying out his assistant, in liaoning play with bath, and then when you get a championship that a group photo, and expressed very miss, this let a person feel some catch in it somewhere,Because when buss in early December once announced plans to retire, again dozen don’t move, he was born in 85, now already is 37 years old, buss said after retired next may peace of mind to make a training camp, but considering he has just retired, so do not rule out back and see if there is any chance, to get some money in the China,With the possibility of earning some money and going back, he is an old acquaintance of CBA, so it is not impossible for him to come back. Besides, it is less than three months since he just retired, so it will be easier for him to reintegrate into a team with which he is relatively familiar.It’s not a new team, he with Han Dejun, cooperate with xiao-xu li after such a long time, speaking of buss, 2017-18, it must have been without his contribution to the team win, averaging 21 points and 10 rebounds, and then the second season of averaging 22 points and 10 rebounds, feeling giving a person is on the pitch he no solution of the cic,Including the box ability is very strong, so if he can come back, because he is older, now don’t play too long, but with moran, a dozen rotation is enough, but the biggest obstacle is the salary cap, bath that year in liaoning take salary is very high, once got close to $3 million.Now we see a season down, all of our foreign aid, put together, a total of just less than a team not to 5 million, this 5 million inside, now, and this moran had taken part, is a very small salary, actually not salary, we work it out from the years later, if open the third stage, that is the end of February, youThe All-Star game at the end of February so March, April is two and a half months, a couple hundred thousand dollars, say half a million dollars, I think is acceptable for Buss.See jerry buss would I said finally accepted the contract, but now his brother would like to send this message out, has been to liaoning released signal, let’s wait and see, see what the third foreign aid in liaoning Li Hongqing can’t take down for Mr., because now it seems to be very difficult, is two foreign aid want to compete with other teams in guangdong,There are still big variables.