Love is a game of deceit

2022-06-13 0 By

What enduring as the universe, what love you forever, what do not say break up, are false, are a kind of sad game.The best result of love is marriage, otherwise no matter how good the result is, love is to cherish, this is you say, but you cherish it?You did not, I thought you would take good to cherish, finally let me down!Have any hope for you.There are so many opportunities but you never cherish them, but turn them into disappointments again and again. Is that love?I will not fall in love again, love this thing I see clearly now, although at the beginning of happiness but in the end, it will let you pay a double price or more.The more love, the more you use English, why, I don’t believe you said that time, I don’t believe at first, now also don’t believe, love and not love only between a read, don’t know what you’re thinking, maybe I don’t know what you are, you’re too crazy, maybe, never forget, my first of the person you like, but I know, your heart is like me,But you still lying to yourself, if I don’t really have any place you former boyfriend is good, you could say I can change, I to, what all can change, but you gave me the opportunity, you don’t, I begged you, and you don’t give me any my chance, if not as good as your boyfriend, I am willing to quit.Love a person does not have to possess her, silent blessing is also a kind of love, silently bless you in the distance, even if the heart is still happy, because I like the girl she is happy, she is happy, I can also choose to leave silently, have been to their own day.I’m not gonna talk about this anymore, no!!I know your first love is hard to forget, I said I can wait, I can wait..