Thank bus drivers for their excellent service and enthusiastic passengers for sending “Epidemic Prevention Gift Package”

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Letter network on March 28 (reporter Li Meiyu correspondent Wang Zhengyu) recently, Qingdao City transport holding bus group Li Cang bus Company 115 route driver Yang Jianbao, in the road on the way received a enthusiastic passenger to send “epidemic prevention package”, in order to thank the driver’s quality service.On the morning of March 19, Yang Jianbao drove no. 115 bus from Licang Sports Center to Qingdao Qiushi College as usual.At about 5 o ‘clock, the bus entered the departure station. A male passenger carrying a bag of goods got on the bus from the front door and said hello to the driver. Yang Jianbao responded warmly.5 24 points, when the vehicle to xiangtan road south canal and chongqing road sections, a male passenger again got up and walked to the front of the cab side will always carry around objects in his driving, outdoor on Yang Jianbao said: “has since your first bus, every time see you warm service, the warm in my heart, brought you some prevention items, the hope can help you.”Before Yang Jianbao reacted, the man got out of the car and Yang Jianbao quickly thanked him.Coincidentally, in the early morning of 22, Yang Jianbao drove the first bus again and met this male passenger, a heart-warming scene staged again.Back at the terminal, staff checked the “epidemic prevention gift bags” brought by passengers, which contained not only epidemic prevention items such as masks and disinfectant wipes, but also food such as instant coffee and biscuits.”The male passenger often takes No. 115 as the first bus, and after a long time, they become friends.”Yang recalled that they met in the winter of 2021, when the man didn’t wear a mask on the train, so Yang put a spare mask on the passenger to avoid delaying the passenger’s journey. Since then, male passengers have greeted Yang every time they get on the bus.”When a driver sees a passenger in need of help, he will come forward to help them. Over time, some passengers who take buses at fixed times and stations become friends with the driver.”‘Drivers often receive gifts from passengers,’ Mr. Yang said. ‘Passengers always want to be in front of us, which makes drivers very touched.’The gift not only carries the passengers’ care for the bus driver, but also contains the passengers’ recognition and affirmation of the driver’s service.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: