Wangwu Mountain, Wulongkou, Three Gorges of the Yellow River, Shaoyuan Mythology Group, Yellow River Series (Jiyuan)

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In the sixteenth year of Kaihuang of Sui dynasty (596), reply to County, Still in Huai State.Now jiyuan city, Henan province.”Yuan he Zhi” volume 5: “by the water, because of the name.Jiyuan is now a municipality directly under the Central Government of Henan Province.The Yellow River flows through Jiyuan city from west to east and south. Jiyuan is located on the north bank of xiaolangdi Reservoir of the Yellow River.The Three Gorges of the Yellow River The Three Gorges of the Yellow River is located in Jiyuan City, Henan Province, with a total area of about 40 square kilometers. It is the world geological Park, national 4A level scenic spot, national Water Conservancy Scenic Spot, the most attractive place in China, one of the top ten hot spots in Henan Province, and one of the four major summer resorts in Central China.The Three Gorges of the Yellow River not only have the soft and graceful of the south landscape, but also lose the virility and masculinity of the north landscape.Longfeng Gorge jiuqu ten fold, deep gorge secluded;Eight li gorge cliffs such as cut, magnificent.Scenic area not only high pinghu, cross harbour, qifeng forest, cave grottoes is numerous, but also “Gun mountain yu axe” the Yellow River culture, the beauty of the “phoenix” Beijing niang legend, blessing “cave” culture, “rhinoceros full moon” feng shui treasure-house, Kings, and a series of sites that is known as “the Yellow River in the three gorges, the royal landscape”, “central plains the first pinghu,Rare River bonsai in China “.Wangwu Mountain is 35 kilometers away from jiyuan urban area, is one of the nine famous mountains in ancient China, han and Wei dynasties listed as the top of the Ten Taoist caves, known as’ the first hole in heaven ‘, the main peak of the Temple of Heaven 1715 meters above sea level, is the Ancestor of the Chinese nation xuanyuan Yellow Emperor set an altar to worship heaven, known as’ Qingtian Di Zhu ‘, is a million years of cultural heritage.With the prosperity of Taoism for thousands of years, it is a national mountain scenic spot with high taste and integrates culture and nature.Wangwu Mountain is the hometown of Yu Gong, the story of yu Gong’s digging up the mountain made famous by the account in Lie Zi and MAO Zedong’s quotation in Yu Gong Moved the Mountain.The magnificent and beautiful Wangwu Mountain is located in the northwest of henan, bordering Taihang in the east, Zhongtiao in the west, Taiyue in the north and Yellow River in the south.Because “mountain shape like king car cover”, so called Wangwu mountain.Wangwu Mountain is 1715.7 meters above sea level, according to legend, the yellow Emperor regulus pray for heaven, called the “Temple of Heaven”.It is said that the place where “The Foolish Old Man moved the mountain” is located in the sun of Wangwu Mountain.This is a north-south ridge extending from the main peak of Wangwu Mountain.To the west is Yugong Village and to the east is Xiaoyou River. Every day, the people of Yugong Village go to the Xiaoyou River to fetch water. It is this big you beam that brings them a lot of inconvenience, so Yugong will lead his children and grandchildren to dig it.Now we can see that in the middle of this great ridge there is indeed a large gap, which from a distance looks as if it had been dug by hand.Today’s Wangwu Mountain is a strange cave, beautiful scenery, the main tourist attractions are balcony Palace, Ziwei Palace, the Temple of Heaven and wangmu Cave.Climbing Tiantan Peak is the main part of the tour, which is 50 kilometers long.Balcony Palace at the foot of Wangwu Mountain yugong village on the west side, is the starting point of the wangwu mountain tour line.The existing buildings are from the south to the north, according to the mountain, from low to high, strewn at random, magnificent, showing the wisdom of the skilled craftsmen in ancient China.Balcony palace was built in the Tang Dynasty, the existing main building sanqing Hall and Jade Emperor Pavilion was rebuilt during the Ming Zhengde years.The most eye-catching is the three-eave pavilion building Jade Emperor Pavilion, flying to the air elegant potential, so that people marvel at.Dozens of pairs of stone pillars on the main building make this sacred place a temple of stone carving art.On the pillars are carved a rolling cloud dragon, a hundred birds facing the wind, a magpie in trouble with plum blossoms, and Su Wu herding sheep.The eight immortals crossing the sea and the Yellow Emperor fighting Chiyou are all lifelike and vivid.The balcony palace, green pines and cypress, lush, one of the seven leaf bodhi tree, nearly 3 meters in circumference, 14 meters high, handed down for the Tang Dynasty.To make things even more interesting, if you stand on the stone steps in front of the balcony palace and clap your hands, you will hear the “DA Gong “of birds, which is called” Phoenix Singing “by local people.The balcony palace has the sound of phoenix singing, legend is that the palace was built in the root of the phoenix tail.If the height of the face, people will find that the balcony palace behind the Temple of Heaven peak like phoenix head, and the day.The nine big mountains in front of the palace, collectively known as Jiuzhiling, are fan-shaped from north to south, like the tail of a phoenix.The nearby hills were like phoenix shoulder, phoenix back, phoenix waist, phoenix Wings and phoenix heart.Mountain people call this kind of strange landform “danfeng chaoyang”, balcony palace is built here, can say is “geomantic treasure ground”.Wulongkou wulongkou located 15 km North-East of jiyuan city of henan province, covers an area of 128 square kilometers, hot springs, pangu and river dawen, sorrow and gully, Bai Jian five scenic area, a total of 68 of natural and human landscape, is the one with the natural landscape is given priority to, features macaques, hot springs, the mountain type scenic spot, is also a state-level nature reserve for monkeys.Wulongkou is the birthplace of the Door god of Spring Festival couplets.The couplet of the Memorial archway of Taotu Mountain reads: “A tree bend three thousand li, when the Rising sun rises, a rooster crows to evoke the resurrection of all things. The long ladder climbs straight up between the blue clouds, and the deity yu Lei guards the reed rope in his hand to bless my eternal peace.”Therefore, here is a piece of pure land, indicating that you have a safe journey, good luck!Lying tiger ridge on both sides of the broken wall such as cut, surrounded by white clouds, along the way, strange stone forest, beautiful and dangerous, excellent landscape, like Huashan Canglong Ridge.Black tuyere golden Chicken top and Yuelaofeng north-south clip zhi, like a wind alley.Here, on the moon, lovers qifeng rocks, qinhe valley pastoral scenery.The top of the golden rooster is 862 meters above sea level. Looking up at the mountain, the golden rooster is so abrupt that it has no trace at all. It turns out to be a boulder at the foot of the mountain.There is no need to climb to find the fairy traces. It takes no effort to get them.”Yi Mountain sits north, after the potential stone, 999 meters above sea level.Hou Yi shot the day, offended the day god, golden rooster pardon, the result died in the peach stick.The terrain and vegetation here are related to the myth and legend.Yi mountain main peak towering, left Qinglongling, right White tiger Ling, in front of the arrow over the top, after the top of the golden rooster, all over the mountains of peach trees.When the earth returns to spring, the peach blossoms on the mountains and under the mountains bloom for nearly a month, attracting many visitors from near and far.Poetry cloud: “Fangfei school leaning on the cloud planted, jade bowl countless may white.Wang Mother is not resistant to three thousand years old, wong and tragic offerings sheng Yao Tai.According to legend, the Queen mother of the West had given Hou Yi the elixir of immortality, which was stolen by the Goddess of the Moon, and this has the myth of “The goddess of the moon”.Shaoyuan Mythology Group refers to the general name of the creation myths and archetypes of myths spread in Shaoyuan Town, Jiyuan City, Henan Province.Shaoyuan is a historical town with a history of over 7,000 years. Even with written records, it has a history of over 3,000 years. With changes in administrative divisions, there are many names in history like Zhao, Pidao, Shao Jun, Shaozhou, Shaobo County, Shaoyuan County, Wangwu County, Shaoyuan Pass, Shaoyuan Town, etc.Shaoyuan since ancient times there have been nu Wa stories spread.Town north there are famous mountains and rivers, such as the black dragon mountain behead evil dragon, broken ao foot stand four poles of ao Back mountain, Lu Ash lock lock spring ridge, refine stone fill the sky of the Milky Way gap and so on are posterity music to call “Nu Wa patching the sky” prototype.They are large and natural.Vivid image, system integrity, for the country’s only.By many experts and scholars investigation certification: The original myth of Nu Wa is jiyuan Shaoyuan town as the center of the ancient Shaozhou area.Shaoyuan and surrounding areas of nu Wa myth, relatively concentrated, face the country, other places do not have, scattered in shaozhou earth ancient place names, ancient cultural relics, ancient remains, fully proved the experts and oral opinions.From the geographical, geographical point of view, Shaoyuan north according to taihang, zhongtiao as a barrier, south of the Yellow River ying belt, and towering funiu Mountain face each other.East of the Temple of Heaven yu Xiu wang Wu, west of the Three Jin Earth Zhong Ling, a radius of fifty li loess shallow mound zone.In the 26th year of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty (1761 AD), Xiao Yingzhi, a magistrate of Jiyuan County, visited Shaoyuan and was shocked by the scenery.Shan yao through Jinshuiqu, rock guan deep lock ling cloud rotation.”It is this hot land that nourishes ancient ancestors and breeds Chinese culture. In the struggle against natural disasters, they make use of the landscape around them and weave strange creation myths with extraordinary imagination to show the grand vision and high wisdom of fighting against heaven and earth.Jiyuan Tumo is a specialty in Wangwu District, Jiyuan City, Henan Province.Wang Wu mountain soil mo color like soil is yellowish, spray aroma, lure appetite, good taste, crisp soft, hard crisp, crisp fragrance, grinding saliva, smooth swallow, soft into the stomach, endless aftertaste, edible medicine, food to satisfy hunger, medicinal stagnation, prevent acclimation.Tu mo is flour as the main raw material, eggs, sesame, sesame oil, onion as auxiliary materials, and to wangwu Mountain unique white soil for baking medium, carefully roasted.(The so-called white surface soil is guanyin soil, which is rich in minerals when people eat it to satisfy their hunger. However, if a large amount of guanyin soil is not digested, it will eventually lead to gastrointestinal ulceration.)According to the inspection by relevant departments, the white soil in Wangwu Mountain contains iron, zinc, calcium, potassium and other elements, which have a certain effect on improving human body function and regulating intestines and stomach.Soil beneath the processing method is the face after fermentation, first add eggs, spices, etc., knead into dough, rolling into fingers thick noodles, cut into the size of a surface such as jujube, thread jujube, walnut, white flour baking in the soil, is put in the pot heat through pot stuffy thermal conductivity of white soil cooked noodles, this piece of edible after check, for young and old.After the jiyuan historical and cultural heritage, legend has it that the Yellow Emperor had set an altar in this day to defeat Chiyou, from the Tang Dynasty to the Jin and Yuan period has been the center of the National Taoism, Taoism is respected as “the first hole in the world”.Jishui, together with the Yangtze, Yellow and Huaihe rivers, is known as the “Four Rivers”. Jidu Temple is the only existing large temple in the “Four Rivers”, and is the place where the royal families of all dynasties worshipped the God of Jishui and the God of Beihai.Damei Henan, Damei Jiyuan welcome you!