China’s first gold birth!The short track mixed relay won the gold medal, but was fouled in the semi-final

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China’s wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei, Fan Kecin, Qu Chunyu and Zhang Yuting won the first gold medal in short track speed skating at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on Sunday night.Especially in the semifinal, The Chinese team suffered from foul interference, although the third team across the finish line, but because of the United States and the Russian Olympic Committee team both foul, The Chinese team narrowly escaped to the final.In the final, China was the first team to cross the finish line in 2:37.348, with Italy second in 2:37.364 and Hungary third after Canada was called for a foul.The mixed team relay event, one of the new events at the Beijing Winter Olympics, is hailed as a “tailor-made” gold medal for China’s short track speed skating team.Judging by their multi-race World Cup performances in the past cycle, China has been impressive, winning two and one runner-up in three races at the 2021 Short track World Cup, notably setting a new world record (later broken by South Korea) in Beijing.In terms of total points this season, China will lead the pack with 28,000 points, followed by the Netherlands with 21,277 and Hungary with 19,500.Therefore, in a comprehensive view, China is the favorite to win the gold medal, South Korea, the Netherlands and the Russian Olympic Team have a certain strength.China, consisting of Qu Chunyu, Fan Kexin, Wu Dajing and Ren Ziwei, were drawn in group 1 with old rivals South Korea and Italy in the opening round of the quarter-finals.After the match began, fan can be new ensures that lead, although in bars, in the middle was Italian star simulating na transcendence, but QuChunYu with outstanding personal ability, come back again, to ensure that the Chinese team led the slide position, and let all and Wu Dajing two rods, speed up directly, aggravated the competition situation in the field.In the final laps, South Korea’s Choi Min-jeong made a mistake while taking over and fell off the track. Wu crossed the line in 2:37.535, setting a new Olympic record.China topped their group and advanced to the semi-finals, with Italy second and South Korea third.The other two groups of the quarterfinals, the Netherlands won the second group, and with 2:36.437 time to refresh the Olympic record China just set.Canada finished second in group 2.The Hungarian and Russian Olympic teams took the top two places in group 3, while Kazakhstan and the United States also advanced to the semi-finals with their two best third places.The first group of the semifinals, the Netherlands, Canada, Italy and Kazakhstan began to compete.The Dutch team, which is expected to win the gold medal, unexpectedly fell off the track in the process of skating in the first few days and withdrew from the competition.Canada finally won the group first smoothly, Italy second, the two teams hand in hand to advance to the final.The second group, China team, Hungary team, Russian Olympic Team, the United States team showdown, China in the lineup to make adjustments, Zhang Yuting instead of Fan Kexin debut.In the process of sliding, Zhang Yuting was surpassed, and there were many physical contact in the middle, suspected foul situation, Hungary team first hit the line, followed by the United States, China’s Wu Dajing only in the third place across the finish line.However, after reviewing the video carefully, the referee decided that both the US team and the Russian Olympic Committee had blocked the foul, so The Chinese team entered the final in second place.In the final, The Chinese team once again sent out the preliminary lineup, composed of Fan Kexin, Qu Chunyu, Ren Ziwei and Wu Dajing.Canada, Italy and Hungary are also in the same group.At the start of the race, there was a crash in the first corner and the referee stopped the race and started again.After the start, Fan Kexin was in third place, Qu Chunyu passed to second, and Ren ziwei passed to first again.Then Hungary team and Canada team appeared a collision, the final competition only between The Chinese team and the Italian team, as Ren Ziwei gap more and more, finally Wu Dajing kept the advantage, the first to cross the finish line, the result of 2 minutes 37.348 seconds, won the Chinese delegation’s first gold.In the group B final, the Netherlands had no pressure to finish first with a time of 2:36.966, while Kazakhstan finished second.