On New Year’s Eve, “Train Spring Festival Gala” makes the journey more warm

2022-06-14 0 By

Another Spring Festival reunion, for wandering wanderer, no matter how big the world is, also want to go home.On Jan. 31, the crew of the Z130 train from Lanzhou to the west of Beijing staged a “train Spring Festival Gala”, which made the passengers feel less homesick and more happy on their way home.In the carriage, the train attendants in the car to stick the word “fu”, folding, sticking couplets, blowing balloons, dumplings, a string of lucky flowers, a bright balloon, so that the carriage is permeated with a strong New Year atmosphere.”Happy New Year!The Year of the Tiger!”As night falls, a charmingly naive “tiger” doll came to the carriage to send New Year’s greetings to passengers, the “Train Spring Festival Gala” officially began.The young and dynamic dance, the cheerful and beautiful song, the cheerful erhu solo, passengers can not help but beat along with the music.The cheerful atmosphere and beautiful music won the cheers and applause of passengers, who took out their mobile phones to record the warm moments during the journey.”It’s not easy for railway people to work overtime and not be able to get together with their families, but still bring joy to us. It’s very sweet and touching. Great praise!”Mr. Liu, who is going back to his hometown of Shijiazhuang for the Spring Festival, said, “It is the first time that I met the train during the journey and shared the joy of the journey with my family and friends.”In addition to the wonderful performances, the train crew also interacted with passengers, introducing the folk customs of The Spring Festival in Shaanxi, Gansu, Henan and other places, and inviting passengers to show their talents by beating drums and passing flowers.Everyone sang and danced together, making the carriage full of thick New Year’s flavor.”Immersive, we sang and danced together, very happy, very memorable.””Excited, so excited!I haven’t had so much fun in a long time, “said A woman surnamed Liu from Shaanxi province.In this warm carriage, the train staff and the vast number of passengers, through the “train Spring Festival Gala” way, let the singing, laughter, joy in the whole carriage ripples, so that more passengers to the direction of home, towards the warm spring.He Yixuan, Media reporter, Lanzhou Daily, Correspondent, Huang Guibin, Tian Duowei, Xu Hengming/photo editor, Bao Xuefeng