The nearest bridge area wheat price has decreased from the peak

2022-06-14 0 By

The nearest investigation team of the yongqiao development and reform Commission in the nearest yongqiao area makes an investigation on 21 households in 7 towns and some grain processing enterprises. The results show that the average price of wheat in the nearest qiao area is 3.28 yuan/kg, the nearest increase is 0.54 yuan/kg, that is 20%.Year-on-year increase of 0.82 yuan/kg, or 34%.This round of wheat price fluctuation began to rise slowly, to the rapid rise, to the present decline.From the beginning of November 2021, the price of wheat rose slowly from 2.50 yuan/kg to 2.82 yuan/kg on February 26, 2022.In the last two days of February 2022, it rose rapidly, and there was a brief situation of rising of 0.05 yuan and 0.10 yuan per catty successively. From March 1 to 3, it reached a new high, with a maximum of 3.50 yuan/kg, and now it falls back to 3.28 yuan/kg.Through investigation and analysis, wheat prices continue to rise this year, including four reasons.One is the rise in corn prices.In the past two years, the price of corn has risen sharply all over the country.Compared with corn, wheat prices have less room to rise.In 2020, the average price of corn was 2.16 yuan/kg when it first came into the market, and rose to 2.68 yuan/kg in five to six months, an increase of 24 percent, while the price of wheat barely budged.As the country strongly supports the resumption of pig production, corn as the main raw material for feed, the price has been rising.The price of wheat, a substitute for corn, is also rising.The second is a reduction in wheat imports.According to a survey, international and Chinese grain prices have risen since 2022. Although China is a major grain producer, it still needs to import grain to meet the domestic market.In addition, the global spread of COVID-19 in the past two years has strained the food market at home and abroad. Some major grain exporters have banned grain exports, leading to a reduction in imports.Third, the supply is low.According to the investigation, in 2021, the number of stored grain auction wheat is not many, the supply is tight, the supply is reduced, the whole region in the second half of the year without wheat auction sales transactions.Officials of flour processing companies said that the whole region will use new wheat (wheat harvested in 2021) to process flour and noodles in the second half of 2021.Fourth, farmers hoard grain and hold it back from sale.According to the investigation, wheat prices have been rising since late February, and some grain storage farmers (farmers in this area rarely have the habit of wheat storage) are increasingly reluctant to sell. With the decrease of grain resources on the market, the desire to sell grain storage is stronger, so the buyers have to continuously increase the purchase price.(Wang Haiqin)