New Year’s Eve isolation ward: Unweaned diagnosed babies get ‘temporary mothers’

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“Temporary mothers” care for sick children.Hangzhou, January 31 ( — A total of 13 new COVID-19 cases were confirmed in Hangzhou from 0 to 18 PM on January 30, including 4 infants, the youngest of whom was 5 months old, according to a notification released by hangzhou authorities.The cases of several confirmed babies are particularly touching.31 is Chinese New Year’s Eve, traditionally a time for family reunion.In order to take care of the babies, nurses in the isolation ward of Hangzhou Xixi Hospital have adopted a new identity — temporary mothers.In order to take good care of these children, the hospital formulated a special care plan, hospital isolation ward head Yan Dingyan as far as possible to arrange the ward has children’s nurses to be responsible for their treatment and life.”Temporary mothers” care for sick children.”My baby is not good at chewing food with large particles, so the food needs to be delicate.” “My baby likes to listen to some children’s songs, such as” Two Tigers “, and will wiggle with the rhythm of music. “” The baby has diaper rash, needs to apply red apple cream, and needs to change diapers frequently”…After a busy day’s work, Yan dingyan contacted the child’s mother one by one to write down the cautions and living habits of the child.It is undoubtedly a difficult task for the medical staff in the isolation ward to take care of the children who have not been weaned all day, especially when they wear protective clothing, which makes them move more slowly and “cumbersome”.Nurses may be called “temporary”, but their duties as “mothers” are no less.”Watching the babies stay in the ward, the medical staff are very distressed, although it is difficult, but will try to take them well.”According to Yan, “temporary mothers” will take care of their children 24 hours a day, including feeding milk powder and supplementary food, changing diapers, taking care of their bodies and putting them to sleep.As the children are very young, some are not weaned, eating and sleeping are a big problem.Some will cry as soon as they put it down, and have to move around all the time.In the 10-square-meter ward, the “temporary mothers” carry their babies at nearly 20,000 steps a day.In order to better understand the needs of children and let parents keep an eye on their children, Yan set up a wechat group, sending videos to every parent in the morning to show them their children, and regularly informing them of their diet and sleep conditions.”Xiao Bao (pseudonym) ate hydrolyzed milk powder twice, 40-50 grams each time” “Meng Meng (pseudonym) ate hydrolyzed milk powder once, about 100 grams, and now she is sleeping” “Xiao Tao (pseudonym) has fallen asleep yet to wake up”…”I hope every parent can feel at ease by reporting their children’s daily diet and daily life in detail.We will definitely take care of them as if they were our own.””Yan Dingyan said.Under the care of the “temporary mother”, the children, who had been agitated by being away from family, gradually calmed down and were able to eat and sleep regularly.Seeing their children eating well and sleeping soundly in the isolation ward, parents expressed their gratitude in the group, saying, “We are so relieved to have you taking care of us!”Some of these “temporary mothers” are already mothers of two children, while others are new mothers.In the family lights reunion, they did not accompany their children and their families, but with full love to take care of every child, as they are their own children.”Seeing these babies was like seeing my own children, and of course they need me more now.”Nurse Cong Rong said.When the New Year comes, Yan Dingyan makes a New Year wish: wish the children in the isolation ward to recover at an early date and reunite with their parents;I hope these “temporary mothers” can make up for the lunar New Year’s Eve dinner with their families as soon as possible to welcome spring together.(End) Declaration: This article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: