OATH is reborn with three new teams in the Americas and STK is back in business

2022-06-15 0 By

This year saw a lot of changes in North America. OATH and Fury both disbanded after Worlds, Ibiza left Li Kui, and Cult TSM announced they were no longer running PUBG.Members of these disbanded teams found new teams to play professionally again in the new season.OATH and Fury members joined a new team called eUnited, which includes a Snakerrrs player known as “Snake Man,” as well as TSM, which is disbanded but has returned to STK.In addition to these teams, the new esports organization Mutariuum has also joined the PUBG esports program.The group has already signed up for a full Brazilian squad, which includes some of the more famous players, including TrisK and H11jr, both former 303 players, and Guben, a member of Enrage. Will they carry on the Brazilian Ibiza legacy?It’s worth looking forward to.In general, the Teams in the Americas changed quickly, but the personnel remained the same, and the more famous players were always the same, such as Luke, God A, Beard, and Brother Outrageous.There are no noteworthy players among the younger generation.According to the last world ranking, the americas division has declined in strength, and TSM, the best performer, only finished 4th.The PCL division became the no. 1 division after the last World championship, and the COACHES of THE BBL team posted on social media that they have been studying and studying NH’s style of play. They have watched every GAME of NH team and think that this style is what they need to learn.In fact, NH’s style of play is very simple, give the conductor a solid desk on the line.