Science popularization ambassador Hu Liping carried out a frost prevention experiment late at night

2022-06-15 0 By

On April 1, tianshui Meteorological Bureau issued frost warning information: early in the morning on April 2, some areas of our city will have frost…In order not to miss the opportunity to do this experiment, Hu Liping, the science popularization ambassador of Qinzhou District and professor of Tianshui Normal University, immediately decided to live in the base at night with her team members and did several temperature experiments in person.After a day of intense preparation, the test was carried out smoothly. Although we did not sleep a wink all night, we did obtain a lot of valuable data, which provided theoretical basis and first-hand information for the team to propose practical, practical and effective techniques for preventing and reducing frost damage.It is reported that Hu Liping has been engaged in research on cherry cultivation for more than 20 years.One year, in addition to the teaching task, she has more than half of the time “bubble” in the field to engage in technology research and development, field training for fruit farmers, demonstration guidance.She poured a lot of sweat and effort for the production of big cherry, but also for fruit farmers to increase the income of the scientific method, many fruit farmers affectionately called her “god of wealth”.Big cherry is a new and efficient fruit industry in Qinzhou District.The cultivation was introduced in the 1980s and began to develop on a large scale in 2001. At present, it has gradually grown into the characteristic industry with the most development potential in the whole region.By the end of 2020, qinzhou District cherry planting area has reached 87,000 mu, annual output of 40,000 tons, output value of nearly 800 million yuan.Nowadays, big cherry has really become the “cash cow” of qinzhou fruit farmers.However, frost has always been a bottleneck restricting the efficient development of northwest cherry industry, and the research on disaster prevention and mitigation technology of large cherry has been one of the key research directions of Gansu Large cherry Technology Innovation Center and team members in recent years.In order to obtain scientifically supported data, timely experimentation is a prerequisite for coming up with a viable technology.”The warning is timely and important, and our team has been able to obtain valuable experimental data during the night, which will help prevent frost.””Hu Liping said confidently.