Selected poetry | fine fragrance followed by strong autumn, east purple emerald river floor

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“Autumn cool” article/Dongcheng rain jiyun open feeling cool, autumn leaves fall far mountain cang.The breeze gently waves, wild goose picked up bags think home.Black, green, red and yellow in spring and Autumn are all glycine crops, he Wei red beans are sentient waves.Or because of the Tang Dynasty scholar Wang Mojie, a song of acacia tears.”Autumn cool” article/Dongcheng xiao wind sze rain send autumn cool, fallen leaves and chrysanthemum yellow.Several degrees of the residual dream, feng xiao a broken bowel.In the Hungry Ghost Festival, many relatives are not at home under the lanterns.A heart lamp shine on the sky, acacia is spent on the other shore.”Autumn Evening” article/Zhang Jianping he sparse forest left night, gold wind Yulu a high chu.Xiao Xiao leaves dance down the mountain path, and love to hide the dragon artemisia constellations.”Meng Qiu Sentimental” article/Li Jiarong turn in the autumn wind to the corner of the sea, on the night of lonely soul brigade.Everything in life is like a dog, year without reason to send a white pony.Everlasting waves empty vast, one hundred traces only for a moment.Idle dream prosperous fall, the road difficult afraid of the road.”Autumn has a feeling” article/Li Jiarong painting bridge residual liu dance uneven, tears full skirt hate parting.Since the old people go, diffuse will write acacia red leaves.”Seven laws · Wangjiang Park Wangjiang Building” article/Jiangbo (Sichuan) Shengqing Fumigating jinqiu, east wind purple green manjiang building.The tide is born near the sill fan gas, water wide who berth guest boat.Bamboo rain fish dragon cloud dance, spend smoke yan Yan month to swim.Ever the hearts of all ages admire, since it is qinghui on the intention to seek.”Seven jue · Jiang Cun youth” article/Jiang Bo (Sichuan) Prancing horse far away in the state, singing string breaking waves across the river autumn.Things the road talent guest, rich and noble thinking drunk also acura.”Five Laws, with marriage chung Hoe” article/Jiang Bo (Sichuan) jade pen painting chung hoe, smoke under the moon home.Facing the wind who with the companion, reflecting the water unbearable book.Turbid wine flow forever, high purple gas storage.Tian Xin luo belt wide, from the static fish.”Five Laws · Fuzhou New City · Orchid Pavilion”/Jiangbo (Sichuan) City months borrow light, after the rain to recognize the cool temperature.The louvers sing, a thousand clouds for clothes.Children he Fangyi, birds magpie more clear crazy.The most roam ground, amorous provoke fragrance.”Five Laws · Tour tuo River”/Jiangbo (Sichuan) Tuo River music rafting, happy to travel.Suddenly see the immortal protection, know to stay.Spring noise liu move, yue color ripples floating.Wild old when drunk, poetic heart forget far sorrow.”Five laws · Mountain namely see” article/Jiang Bo (Sichuan) fruit ripe pendant green branches, incense lamp treatment bitter words.Chicken sound spring far away, bird dream I come late.Through wine no man becomes rich, and from the beginning he loses.River’s lake official way song, outside the world repair jing hedge.”Five laws · Mountain Idleness” article/Jiang Bo (Sichuan) ill from the words of birth, spring yu Xuyan.Look at the flower sorrow outside, enjoy the moon in the quiet sleep.Wild water urges bamboo shoots, idle clouds splash hole spring.Climb poor also happy, sell wine is better without money.”Nianjiao · Heart lotus” article/the end of the world a tired guest small wind no matter, over the lotus Lake again, heart sincerely yue.Tiptoe silently around, dark send fragrance through.Butterfly shuttle, dragonfly close-up, solo frog voice.Weeping willows by the lake shake in every way.Who road common amorous feelings, lotus wind, with you can detached?A fetal money is life, soul how can clear.The road is difficult, who can be immortal, only in the heart of Buddha!Period heart such as lotus root, mud is still such as snow.How amazed the visitors are. How elegant the wind is.More crow mark left two eyes, do not give up the message before.After wild geese swagger, people shout, ferries pull flute.Waves turn waves, will miss wet.Long distance, warm wind frequency crossing, telephone tracking urgent.Ask the doctor to check the condition, carefully examine the tumor parenchyma.Thick benevolence, affectionate eyes, like a spring day.Thank god pity me, this life is not lonely!”Niannujiao · Teacher’s Day gift rain” article/the end of the world a tired guest podium three feet, see youth like fire, heroic gao Jie.Look to the sky fly wings, hidden see that year review.Love and wind, filar silk warm, is hot heart.Laugh should laugh, the young know parting.Travel with the dream, Beishan plum flower, embrace faint snow.South shore forest peach and plum trouble, transmission have strong incense.The Pearl of the East China Sea, the jade of western Xinjiang, the tender hand cut.Wake up happy, pillow thousands of miles of moon.”Nianjiao · Step in the yuan word” text/the end of the world a tired guest goose fish to go, a few back to the dream, and now happy to meet the army day.Friends fly in different generations and hear less, each other poetic heart difficult to rest.Good friends, pure friendship, this world is especially deep.Instant fill in spectrum, pen head thousands of feelings million knot.Unrestrained military career, a man of iron, across thousands of passes.Wei glorious people respect, flower as a hero Fang Lie.Desert smoke, long river round day, since and unusual.Shoulder gun gallop horse, roar against the border plug moon.Face the sea and look for the light with black eyes.Founded on November 16, 2015, The Poetry Club takes “voice for grassroots poets” as its mission and promotes the “spirit of poetry”, namely the pursuit of truth, goodness and beauty of poetry, artistic innovation of poetry and spiritual pleasure of poetry.Now he has published a book of poems co-authored by his poetry PALS, “The Spring flowers of Reading sleeping Poems” and “the grass of reading sleeping Poems grows and warbler flies”.We recommend excellent poems, produce high-quality poems, recite excellent works, and recommend poets’ works in various forms so that more people can read excellent works and appreciate poetry culture. 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