Shuocheng District Three Children: Qingming festival theme activities

2022-06-15 0 By

Another spring grass green, another year qingming.In order to let children know the meaning, origin and customs of Tomb-sweeping Day, deepen their understanding of the customs and habits of traditional Chinese festival tomb-sweeping Day, and stimulate their feelings of national pride and love for national culture, Shuocheng District No.3 Kindergarten held an education activity themed “Qingming Festival, Qingming Festival” on the morning of April 2.During the activity, teachers of each class made children better understand the origin and customs of Tomb-sweeping Day and feel the difference between Tomb-sweeping Day and other festivals through visual images and interesting stories.Know the Tomb-sweeping day there are tomb sweeping, swinging, eating green tuan, painting eggs, kite flying, outing and other customs.We have carried out various activities such as doing handcrafts, painting, learning ancient poetry and finger exercises.Through the Qingming Festival activities, so that the children understand the rich connotation of the traditional festival, know to cherish today’s happy life, but also learn to be grateful and respect their parents and elders, and feel the extensive and profound history and culture of the Chinese nation, inspired children’s national pride and love of national culture emotion.Photo and text: Shuocheng District No.3 Kindergarten