The post-1995 generation questioned: A bonus of thousands of yuan for more than 20 hours of intensive overtime work?Might as well go home and have a good year

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This year’s post-1995 students ask their leaders: Is the breakthrough award, a glass trophy and thousands of yuan in return for more than 20 hours of high-intensity overtime worth it?Recently, a fresh graduate of an enterprise anger against the leadership, sent the above soul torture to the management, and said that the decision-making layer created all these are accomplices.In the market competition is more and more severe cases, all of the company lives in extreme sense of crisis, especially the industry giant, is the counterpart to subvert object, target, where dare to have a little slack, will not only ensure the existing market share and will continue to try to maintain growth, otherwise may be replaced by the competition risk at any time.The collapse of a giant, not only will let the entire industry be affected, but also affect the employment of countless people, and the countless people behind the connection with countless families, the giants in order to survive, can only than efficiency, than speed, the world’s martial art, only fast not broken, only everything to take the lead, will be invincible.Therefore, the “overtime culture” is the most prosperous Internet enterprises, which is also the reason why many Chinese enterprises can quickly catch up with or surpass foreign companies due to their weak technical foundation and late start.From the perspective of corporate decision makers, of course, the concern is how the company will survive.Ren Zhengfei, CEO of Huawei, once said, “For 10 years, I have been thinking about failure every day, ignoring success. I have no sense of honor or pride, only a sense of crisis.”To cope with future crises and enable the company to survive long-term international competition, Ren proposed a “striver culture.”Many friends have seen a poster of Huawei: one foot is shining in a ballet shoe, but the other foot is scarred, shocking.”Huawei also accompanied the picture with a caption: “Our life, pain and happiness.This is what a striver looks like in the mind of Huawei people. You can see that Huawei has achieved numerous achievements and has great power, and can even face the challenge of a world power alone. All of these are supported by the countless hardships and pains suffered by all Huawei people.In the 30 years since its establishment, Huawei has grown from a private enterprise without professional RESEARCH and development technology or any resources to the leader of the world’s communication equipment industry, which is inseparable from the “striver spirit”.At 11 o ‘clock every night, the lights are still on in huawei’s office building, and countless people are working overtime. Why is no one complaining?Huawei adhere to striver, striver reasonable remuneration, is the basic motivation, employees struggle striver is the mainstay of the company, company’s value is created by striver, many enterprises in the process of development, often stagnant, develops slowly, is because on the management system of “distribution according to work” do not do.Employees who make contributions to the company are not treated well, while some mediocre and mediocre people enjoy good treatment and benefits.In order to avoid such a situation and to create greater value and gain more benefits, Huawei has been adhering to the striver oriented and gradually improving the balance model of management degree and benefit distribution for more than 20 years.It is precisely because all efforts and efforts have corresponding returns, so Huawei can achieve “dedication as the soul, love industry as the bone”.No pains, no gains, any success is hard work, any enterprise to become bigger and stronger, is not a boss a person’s thing, is not rich can do things, but need the joint efforts of all staff.The contradiction between managers and employees is actually the contradiction between enterprise goals and personal goals. The company considers the long-term interests of the enterprise, while the employees consider their short-term interests, because they do not know whether they will continue to stay in the present enterprise in the future.The failure of the enterprise is the matter of the boss, as an employee of the enterprise, the biggest thing is to find another enterprise to work, there is no big deal.Therefore, to solve the contradiction between enterprises and employees, it is necessary to find a balance between long-term interests and immediate interests.Huawei’s full ownership plan just solves this problem. For huawei employees, short-term benefits include salary, bonus, social security and various welfare, while long-term benefits include share dividends. In this way, short-sightedness of employees is avoided and a sense of belonging is acquired by employees.Everyone is the master of the company, its own interests and the interests of the enterprise is one of the staff’s sense of responsibility and honor comes, company to ensure the employee’s performance and dividends, employees want to pay for higher pay corresponding efforts, the harder the better the benefit and efficiency, the better the more dividends in the future.Under such incentives, every Huawei employee is willing to be a striver. Therefore, “striver culture” and “full ownership plan” are two very successful aspects of Huawei’s corporate management.Many enterprises want to learn huawei’s management methods, but the above two points are not learned, employees work hard, but do not get the corresponding reward, overtime naturally no motivation.From a small company with only six people and a registered capital of 21,000 yuan to a super giant with 170,000 employees and a turnover of nearly one trillion yuan, what are the core factors of Huawei’s success?By its unique corporate philosophy and strong management methods.”Striver Culture” and “Full ownership Plan” are just two small points of its management methods. To learn the complete management methods of Huawei, you are advised to read the Huawei Management Method.This book is written by huang Jiwei, a famous management expert, who has spent five years in Huawei, from senior executives to ordinary employees, from the headquarters in Shenzhen to the branch in Zambia. He has collected hundreds of thousands of words of information, and then simplified and refined them.In the book, huawei’s team management, talent management, performance management, project management, detail management and other aspects are elaborated in depth, and many real cases of Huawei are cited in the middle, which is very convincing.After the book was written, Ren Zhengfei and all huawei executives reviewed it before it was printed and published. Therefore, the book is full of dry goods, which is very worthy of careful reading by business owners, executives and ordinary employees.