Trouble that companies can’t avoid

2022-06-15 0 By

In businesses and people alike, it is almost inevitable that trouble will come to us rather than us.Tomorrow will come, and it will be different from today.Even the strongest companies that are not well prepared for the future will suffer, lose their identity and leadership, and be left with nothing more than the expense of keeping the big company going.Companies cannot control or understand what is happening.If companies forget that and don’t focus on the future, even the strongest companies will get in trouble.Any enterprise needs to have a sense of crisis, crisis can not be eliminated, but can be prevented, doomsday management is to help enterprises to strengthen the health of vitamins.”The best time of an enterprise is often the beginning of downhill”, the core of doomsday management is to require managers to have a sense of crisis, to live in the best and think bad, in peace, profit and loss, victory and defeat.The aim is to prevent a crisis.The average life span of modern companies is getting shorter, not because their managers have become stupid, but because modern companies can hardly survive without collaboration. Many years of work are often destroyed by an external factor.Although the cost of enterprise growth is getting higher and higher, but the complex growth environment makes it easier and easier for an enterprise to go bankrupt.Enron was once one of the largest energy, commodity and service companies in the world, and ranked seventh among the “American top 500” by Fortune magazine. However, due to the accounting fraud, it only took one year from exposing the accounting fraud to filing for bankruptcy on December 2, 2001, and the 70-year history of Enron Mansion collapsed.The case became the second-largest corporate bankruptcy in U.S. history.As a new force in the automobile manufacturing industry, It only took Tesla 17 years to produce its first car and surpass Toyota to become the most valuable automobile company in the world, while Toyota has a history of 88 years.Because companies fail to focus on the future, they run the huge risk of being caught off guard when change occurs.This is a risk that no large business can afford and no small business needs to take.Enterprise managers have the responsibility to pay attention to the enterprise strategy from the perspective of the future, and strengthen the foresight and future of the strategy from the sense of crisis.Managers ahead of the crisis consciousness, is the most valuable quality under today’s market conditions.