7 books to read in pursuit of Financial Freedom to Increase Passive Income

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Pursuit of financial freedom can be divided into six links to complete retirement to young: FIRE life core idea, figure out what kind of life they want family financial health diagnosis: correct cognition of the current own position and target distance change money cognitive: abandon wrong harmful thinking, to establish a correct concept of money throttle control spending:6. Passive income: Primarily a pipeline that builds income in the B quadrant owning a variety of assets:The book on financial freedom currently on the market focuses on how to reduce expenses, save money, increase income, invest and manage money, etc.However, IN my opinion, the key to pursuing financial freedom and living the life you want is to “have multiple sources of passive income”. I particularly emphasize that passive income must come from multiple sources rather than a single one, because only multiple sources can further ensure the “continuity” and “stability” of income.If you have a steady stream of passive income that is much larger than you need in your life, as long as you don’t make big mistakes (like gambling, using excessive leverage to invest, making financial guarantees for other people…Even if you make a few mistakes and have some bad spending habits, you can still maintain a good standard of living.Specifically about financial freedom,In particular, the books that talk a lot about passive income must read The Classic Rich Dad Poor Dad Series (Robert Kiosaki) Four hours a week Timothy Ferriss Profit Generation Paint your business model yourself(Co-authored by many people) The three books above were published before the current date, the earliest is “Profit Generation Diy Draw Your Business Model” was published in 2012, And Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad series was published about 20 years ago, which has stood the test of time and proved to be of high reference value.Recommended reading for financial freedom,Live the Life you Truly Want early (Grant Sabatier) Passive Income Plan for Financial Freedom (Nightingal-Conant) Pinhead double your Earnings after work (Remy) Turn on the Internet (Tool Wang)Grant Sabatier has been laid off twice and laid off,With the identity of a poor wire with 5 years of successful counter-attack, save 1.25 million DOLLARS declared financial freedom, for a poor life, financial difficulties, but also want to pursue financial freedom, is a very good reference material.This book is actually published by an organization, which tells about seven passive income methods, including e-commerce and affiliate marketing, stock market investment, real estate investment, intellectual property, multi-level marketing, selling, management rights, heritage…It’s a rare book on passive income, and I’ll write about it later.The last two books, as well as the latest success stories in both time and space, will be introduced and discussed frequently by the FIRE Sports Club.Release notice 2/6 open the network is rich (financial freedom successful case, tool Wang A Zhang profile)2/7 do not stare at the plate, do not look at the earnings report 8% pay lying to earn (lazy passive investment index fund lying to win secrets)