Guiyang Economic Development Zone 2022 Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition officially launched today

2022-06-16 0 By

On April 7, the 2022 Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition of Guiyang Economic and Development Zone was officially launched, and the registration period will continue until April 30.It is understood that the competition is the fifth “Chinese” wing “business innovation competition division of guizhou guiyang by the open audition, contest with” a new era Total Chinese dream “as the theme,” leading entrepreneurial innovation and entrepreneurship to create more employment opportunities “as the guide, promote rural development and promote the university graduate employment entrepreneurship, to build the whole society to encourage support entrepreneurial innovation strong atmosphere and good environment.The competition is conducted according to the “1+3” mode, that is, 1 main body plus 3 special competitions.The main competition is divided into two project teams: manufacturing and service.The three special competitions are youth creativity competition, labor Service Brand Competition and rural revitalization competition.Among them, the youth creative special competition, open to 16 to 35 years old college and technical college students, graduates and other youth group innovation achievements projects;Labor brand special competition, for all kinds of relying on, using labor brand cultivation, development and entrepreneurship projects;The rural revitalization competition is open to various rural entrepreneurship projects, such as agricultural science and technology, specialty breeding, agricultural product processing, rural e-commerce logistics, and traditional handicrafts.In addition, the competition includes two stages, the preliminary and the final. The preliminary will be held before May 10, and the final will be held before May 18. The preliminary will be conducted by material evaluation, and the final will be conducted by on-site road show and defense.According to the quota allocated to guiyang by the municipal organizing committee, the project list will be recommended to enter the municipal selection competition.Guizhou Daily sky eye news reporter Chen Lu editor Zhu Dengfang editor Sun Xiaorong