Zhang Jixue, founder and chairman of Trendy Media Group: community consumption is a trillion gold mine

2022-06-16 0 By

Cover news reporter Fu Wenchao March 28, trendy media group founder, chairman Zhang Jixue in Chengdu public occasions said: now, the elevator media has become the main channel to build the brand.There are two key capabilities: one is channel coverage;Second, digital drive.Look from channel cover, Zhang Jixue thinks, community consumption is a trillion gold mine.”Statistics show that 70 percent of consumption in the United States is in the community, and 40 percent in China.Community media becomes the ‘connector’ between brands and their target audience.”At the same time, Zhang jixue said, from a digitally-driven perspective, network collaboration + data intelligence is redefining every industry.Community media can make use of digital upgrade to create intelligent investment platform in life circle, empower brand and improve efficiency, and bring better traffic conversion.Moreover, Zhang Jixue said that under the background of the new consumption era, the “traffic + brand” double drive, become the most effective marketing brand style, “double micro shake + a ladder media” as a brand building from online to offline brand exposure of grass planting, the channels of contact, make brand completed from the “flow” to the “brand”.