A number of cases of profiting through power are sobering examples of how to hold on to power with awe

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“After I gained power, I thought I was free from the discipline law. I was blown up quickly like a balloon and began to float into the air. I broke free of the discipline law red line and floated higher and higher until I watched myself disappear in the air.”This is the confession of Zhang Biao, former deputy secretary of the Party Committee and executive deputy director of the management committee of Delingha Industrial Park in The Qaidam Circular Economy Pilot Zone in Qinghai Province.During zhang Biao’s tenure in Delingha, he did not hide his desire for money and indulged himself, collecting more than 40 million yuan in four and a half years.”Once the power in hand, to carry out the order, to earn money” is Zhang Biao’s goal in life.He put the power in the hands of “clearly marked price”, in every time to provide help to private business owners, will immediately call to ask for favors, no cover, no scruples.After being examined and investigated, he once described himself like this: “I twisted three views, has been ‘not for ever, but once owned’ ‘have the right to be rich’ hang on the mouth, the communist’s belief is all without, failed to live up to the organization’s cultivation, and eventually to self-destruction of the corruption of the road of no return, hateful and pathetic!”If there is a deviation in the view of power, it will fail to withstand the test of power, resulting in abuse of power for personal gain and venality.From the case of being investigated and dealt with violations of discipline and law, it can be seen that zhang Biao was far more than one person in jail because he failed to keep power and failed in front of interests and temptations, destroyed his career and family.Some believe in everything to money, selfish expansion, borrow power to make money.Gansu province department of industry and information technology former party members, deputy director Li Shengfa greedy expansion, money obsessed, the “official make a fortune” as the pursuit of life, in the face of “hunting” failed to resist temptation, gradually transformed into a slave of money, the desire of the prisoner, accepting bribes of more than 22 million yuan.Li Wei, former member of the Party Group and deputy mayor of Urumqi City government in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, set up the wrong outlook on life and values of “money is everything and guanxi is supreme” when he was young, and took the pursuit of maximizing economic interests as his goal.Some regard the public power entrusted by the Party and the people as personal tools, turn work units into private plots of individuals, and act rashly.Liu Jixiong, the former party secretary and chairman of Changsha Pilot Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. in Hunan Province, arranged 19 relatives and friends to take important positions in the group and its subsidiaries without collective research in order to control the project bidding right of the group and its subsidiaries, and turned state-owned enterprises into “family private enterprises”.Some rely on resources they are in charge of and eat what they can.He Xingxiang, former member of the Party Committee and vice president of China Development Bank, obtained large returns by lending money to management and service objects, and made profits for others in loan financing, business operation, employment and other aspects by taking advantage of his position.Zhou Zhenxue, former deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and director of the State-owned Forestry Administration in the eastern Tianshan Mountains of Xinjiang, relied on forest to eat forest. The power that should have been used to protect and manage forests was used to grab profits by helping others contract construction projects of the management and conservation center and grant tourism development projects to others.Even forest fire monitoring, comprehensive management of key forest fire risks and other major projects related to forest safety have become tools for his power to be realized.Some are arbitrary and arrogant, turning a “master” into a “bully”.Qin Yabing, former party secretary and former director of the council of ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Supply and Marketing Cooperatives Association, worked in the supply and marketing cooperatives for more than ten years.Deng Jipeng, former deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee and former director of the management Committee of Yichun Economic and Technological Development Zone in Jiangxi Province, became more and more arrogant with his promotion. His subordinates were afraid to speak loudly when they saw him.Unless he is happy, the report to his office should not be more than 5 minutes, otherwise it is “no sense, find scolded”.A warning is a warning.These “living textbooks” warn us that as Party members and cadres, we should always hold power in awe, and realize that the nature of power is responsibility, and that the nature of power is for the people. The power entrusted by the Party and the people can only be used to share the party’s worries, serve the country, and benefit the people.Party members and leading cadres should exercise their party spirit, improve their party spirit, ideologically solve the problem of who they use their power for and who they benefit from, and establish a correct view of power.Recently, Henan Province Zhengzhou Municipal Committee held a meeting to convey a typical case report of the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision.”Leading cadres of Party members must not have the idea of being superior to others. They should regard their posts as platforms, recognize that their duties are their responsibilities, consciously act as’ servants of the people ‘and have more respect for their power. They must not abuse their power and use it for personal gain.”Zhengzhou Municipal Standing Committee, city discipline inspection commission secretary, supervisory commission acting director Lu Yun said in the discussion.Maintaining power requires strong oversight, especially targeting the “key minority”.In order to strengthen the supervision of “number one”, the Discipline inspection and supervision Commission of Hunan Province issued the “Ten Strict Measures for provincial discipline inspection and supervision organs to strengthen the supervision of” Number one “.”Power man-marking applied” is one of the “10 strictly enforced”, require discipline inspection authorities field to listen to the same group members, management, service object reflects the “head” the exercise of power, and check the democratic centralism, “triple a” collective decision-making, “head” bottom position system implementation, such as relevant information timely to honest files;The secretary of the COMMISSION for Discipline inspection and the head of the dispatched discipline inspection and supervision group shall make a special report annually to the discipline inspection and supervision organs at the higher level on the exercise of power by the “top leaders” in their localities (units).We will tighten education and supervision over young cadres to improve their immunity to corruption and degeneration.In recent years, the ranks of cadres are highly educated, younger, active and other characteristics, recently, chengdu, Sichuan Province, the commission for discipline inspection and supervision of the authorities specially held a symposium for young cadres, asked young comrades to know fear, diligently cultivate their morality, always maintain a clean and honest nature.Source: China Discipline Inspection and Supervision Daily