Best place for zibo group construction activities

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Zibo group build the best place, after reading these you will know where to play Zibo group build.As we all know, team building activities are an essential part of every company. Once a year, or twice a year or more, team building activities can not only relax the mood and relieve the pressure of work and life, but also cultivate team spirit, enhance team cohesion and enhance team communication.So where can we go for group building activities?Ezhuang Waterfall group scenic area is located in the central mountain area of Shandong, 40 kilometers east of Zichuan city.Here green mountains, clear water, blue sky, fresh and pleasant air, is a famous provincial natural ecological reserve and tourist scenic spot.The average altitude is 450 meters above sea level, the annual precipitation is 500-900 mm, and the average annual temperature is 11.3 degrees Celsius.The northern end of the Ezhuang Waterfall group is more than 600 meters south of the township government residence.The height difference between north and south of the scenic area is more than 200 meters.Along the river long 12 Huali, waterfall even pond, pond even waterfall, show pond bay waterfall constantly.The trees along the river are lush and graceful.It has the natural beauty of Jiuzhaigou in Sichuan province, six ancient villages along the river, and the classic of Zhouzhuang in southern Jiangsu Province.Along the scenic mountains continuous color changeful.The scenery is picturesque.Spring flower sea rime, summer view waterfall flying rain, autumn see waterfall white fog, winter ice snow.Lushan Forest Park covers an area of 45,000 mu, with a forest coverage rate of more than 95%. The main peak is 1108.3 meters above sea level, which is the fourth highest in Shandong Province.There are five natural scenic areas in the park: Jinxiu Valley scenic area, Lushan Peak scenic area, Purple bamboo forest sightseeing area, life source ecological tourism area, karst cave group scenic area.There are xuanyun Waterfall, alpine lake, Bamboo garden, Wangfeng Cave, Ring pool, one line sky and Ming Dynasty Daxiong Hall, Tuo Zen Temple, Niuzhigong tower and other ancient buildings more than 100 scenic spots, the park vegetation, fresh air, high negative oxygen ion content, known as “natural oxygen bar.”The ancient village of Coir Rainyfan is located in Changjia Town, Gaoqing County, Zibo City, Shandong Province. The Yellow River swirled around the original wetland, and the reeds formed by alluvial waters endowed this land with unique geographical conditions, with more than 5000 mu of reeds.According to historical records in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, there was a family named Fan who settled here and was famous for making coir raincoat, hence the name Coir raincoat Fan.The village is surrounded by water on three sides. The wetland covers an area of more than ten thousand mu, and the lakes and ponds are scattered all over the land. The original pampas grass and lotus leaves are everywhere, creating a poetic scene.Rich in natural resources and pleasant climate, it is a typical Yellow River wetland.Zibo company small group builds activity plan, had small make up introduced above 3 places, also can have good effect.Next for everyone to share is zibo company group construction expansion, not only to have beautiful scenery, facilities formal zibo group construction place recommendation, but also have a good group construction activity planning, do not worry, we with the nuo group construction teacher prepared a variety of plans for everyone, free to share, welcome friends need to chat!Original article, welcome to reprint the original text, embezzlement will investigate!