Lake motto

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Hu University motto: Seek truth from facts, dare to be the first.As a whole, “seeking truth from facts and daring to be the first” is the premise and foundation of “daring to be the first”, as well as the foundation for the construction and development of Hunan University.”Dare to be the first” is the goal of “seeking truth from facts”, but also the way and means of building and developing Hunan University.1. Hunan University, hunan For short;It is a state key university in the new era of reform, opening up and socialist modernization. The university is located in Changsha, Hunan Province, directly under the Ministry of Education of China.The university has 2 state key laboratories, 2 National Engineering technology Research centers, 3 national international cooperation bases, 1 National engineering laboratory, 1 National Key Discipline Laboratory of the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, 4 key laboratories of the Ministry of Education, and 5 Engineering research centers of the Ministry of Education.2. Hunan University is a member of the International Alliance of Art, Design and Media Universities, BRICS Network University and other international organizations, as well as an AMBA accredited member.In January 2019, 3 scientific research achievements of HUNAN University were awarded the 2018 National Science and Technology Awards, including 2 prizes as the first completion unit and 1 prize as the participating unit.3. Hunan University originated from Yuelu Academy founded in 976 in the ninth year of Kaibao’s reign by Emperor Taizu of the Song Dynasty (976) and shiwu School of Modern Higher education established in 1897 in the 23rd year of Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty (1897). It was renamed National Hunan University in 1937 and Hunan University in 1949.The emblem of Hunan University is centered on the main gate of Yuelu Academy with Yuelu Mountain as the background, symbolizing hunan University’s continuous learning and song over the past thousand years.The top of the center circle is the name of Hunan University written by MAO Zedong on August 20, 1950, and the bottom is the English translation of the name of Hunan University.