Old Zhao’s lucky fruit in spring

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On February 7, on the seventh day of the first lunar month, Zhao Zihe, a leading citrus farmer in Fuxing Town, Hunan County, ran to his orange forest.The night before, snow swirl under half the night, up in the morning, snow on the ground has a finger thick.Old saying cloud: auspicious snow promises good harvest.But for citrus this kind of winter crops, snow is a moderate barrier.”It’s a good thing we took anti-freezing measures before last year.”Lao Zhao grumbled as he fingered the green orange leaves, his hands red with cold.In order to help citrus winter smoothly, zhao is covered with sunscreen net, is coated with lime powder, not less busy in the field.”When the snow melts, we can get some lime to kill insects.”Looking at the orange forest covered by snow on the hillside, Lao Zhao slowly ha tone to his hands.It seems that the current snow did not affect his good mood for the New Year, orange tree can safely winter.In order to improve the efficiency of citrus planting, in recent years, the county from policy, capital, technology and talent and other aspects of the force.In the past five years, the county bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has invested more than 5 million yuan to carry out the construction of the park and technical training. Every year, citrus growers are organized to go to other places for training and learning, and experts from other places are invited to the fields.In the 1990s, Lao Zhao began to grow citrus, but lacked technology and the fruit rate has been low.From the most basic fertilization, medicine, pruning, soil began to learn, as a farmer for half his life Lao Zhao began to learn farming.”Now with the technology and experience, the number of diseased citrus fruits has been greatly reduced, and the yield per mu has been greatly improved.Now, Lao Zhao can finally taste the sweetness of citrus.Last year, he had his house renovated as the citrus crop became more and more profitable, and So did Mr. Zhao’s money.Accelerate the promotion of citrus industrialization. In 2018, Lixian established the Lishui Citrus Industry Association, which built a bridge between farmers, the government and enterprises. It not only helped solve planting technology and management problems, but also grasped market trends and solved sales problems.At present, Fuxing town citrus planting area of more than 80,000 mu, annual output value of nearly 400 million yuan.Citrus farming alone brings in an average annual income of more than 30,000 yuan per household.When visiting relatives and friends during the Spring Festival, citrus is indispensable on every table, not only because it is a seasonal fruit, but also because orange sounds similar to “ji”, meaning good luck.Today, citrus has become a veritable lucky fruit and is bringing happiness to the villagers in Fuxing Town.”My New Year’s resolution this year is to get a new car.”Coming back from the field, Lao Zhao picked up a yellow, round orange, peeled it into his mouth, sweet into his heart.[Editor: Ouyang Lingya][Source: Hunan Daily · New Hunan client]