Reading and buying books

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How sad it would be if one could not enjoy the pleasure of reading.You can read happy books when you’re happy, sad books when you’re sad, or the other way around, sad books when you’re happy, happy books when you’re sad.Neutralizing emotions, like neutralizing paint on a palette, can create a different kind of color.You can choose books you are interested in to read, professional books you are not interested in but must read, books recommended by others to read, of course, you can also find books to read, buy books to read.If reading is reading a period of one’s thinking, a period of life, then buying a book is buying a period of one’s thinking, a period of life.After all, the person who wrote the book put his or her thoughts and thoughts into the book, as if he or she had encoded the words and left them to the reader to interpret.And the reader just can’t do a complete interpretation, just see the book they like to see things, and don’t like to see things, often turn a blind eye.If I bought a book, it would be different.Can be taken out to read at any time, in different situations, different mentality, can actually read a lot of different.If the buyer cannot buy all the books in the world, then the reader cannot, of course, finish all the books in the world.Good books are to be read to all one’s heart, if one cannot read them, one must borrow them; if not, one must buy them.And for those who are curious, if there is no wonderful plot in a book, they feel no interest in reading, just like they are used to watching the excitement of big movies, and then they feel no interest in watching the lingering of literary films.It is often a strange fate of the world that the rich do not read, and those who read have no money.Those who can buy books do not necessarily buy many books, while those who cannot buy books mostly borrow books to read, or do not read a book at all.You don’t have to sit still to read, just like you don’t have to go to the bookstore to buy a book.Leaning on the back of a chair you can read, putting your feet on the table you can also read, lying on the bed you can still read, the ancients emphasized “on a boat, on a horse, on a pillow, on a nightstool.”Most of my spare time is spent reading books. Nowadays, I spend most of my spare time watching short videos or chatting and playing games.Reading does not emphasize posture, regardless of the occasion, as long as you can read in, can benefit a lot, is effective.But sometimes reading can not see what effect, after a period of time, suddenly thought of some words in the book or some plot, even if reading produced an effect.The same is true with books. Place is not necessary.Can go to big bookstore to buy, polite, can’t bargain, still more decent.You can also go to a small bookstall to wash books, see the heart will put down gentle, bargaining, sometimes try to go, let the boss of the bookstall shout a voice “come back, sell to you.”Of course, can also go to the book wholesale market to buy, is limited to the people who live in the big cities of the book wholesale market, and still like to buy books, if in small towns, they can only patronize small book stalls, or long-distance, to the big city to buy books.With the rise of the Internet, people can buy books online, at a discount, with free shipping, just as they do at wholesale book markets, with a wide selection of books.But the rise of e-reading has opened up more possibilities, and many book buyers are starting to buy e-book reading rights.They only need to buy the right to read, and they can read carefully on their mobile phones and computers. However, electronic devices update quickly, which costs a little money, but also the cost of electricity, Internet fees, even with the e-ink screen of the reader, it is not as good as turning the book.And e-ink readers are not cheap, and they break easily, and when they break, they have to be repurchased, or the money they spent on e-books will go down the drain.In any case, it seems that electronic device merchants and e-book launch platforms conspire to defraud readers. After all, readers will not speak when they are deceived, and even if they do, no one will listen.Perhaps, the reader enjoy themselves, will not think that the pit.The secret of reading is that it doesn’t always work right away, or even for a lifetime.But people who read think it useful, and think that reading is to gain indirect experience, not only to read thousands of books, but also to travel thousands of miles to increase direct experience.In fact, they are all influenced by introverted Confucian culture. If you have power and money, why should you read thousands of books and travel thousands of miles?Many people read just to get some experience.There are also people who work during the day and study at night, who are hard-working and have hidden ambitions.For the people who buy books, bought books is equivalent to have dominion, and can be read at any time, return the books don’t have to worry about time, of course, also can be thought of a book is the most useless thing, tear, as a fire, or directly to a “split”, even the tear strength of all provinces, directly into the garbage,It is the end of a section of the author’s thinking and time, but also let himself out of the book, liberation.As the ancients said, “It is better to have no books than to believe them all.”But “no books” is built on the basis of “all believe in books”, not from beginning to end “no books”, if from birth to death do not read a book, is illiterate, of course, will let people laugh.Read more to achieve “no book”, and do not read to think “no book” for the reader is “play rogue”.Many people who do not read books, or show off after reading a few books, often compete for the right to speak, and to show that they are profound or great.But the scholar is generally low-key, do not like to show off and show off.Therefore, some people think that scholars are weak, but also silly.Cowardice is because the scholar does not contend for the short of time, will not argue with the soldiers, will not compete with the power, will not fight with the capital, and silly bar ji refers to the scholar is single-mindless, a road ran to the black, will not be flexible, but also spend money to buy books ———— this year who also buy books?People who read books are marginalized, and people who buy books are more marginalized, so reading and buying books become marginalized.Perhaps it is not the fault of the readers and the buyers of books, but that something is wrong with society, and that something is very wrong without knowing it.If only there were more people to read, and those who wanted to buy books became rich, and censorship and reading restrictions were relaxed as much as possible.