Release a new generation of high-performance integrated kitchen, boss appliances with high-end quality comprehensive definition of science and technology kitchen

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In the 14th five-year Plan period, science and technology and innovation have become key drivers of high-quality development.In the report on the work of the Government in 2022, it was proposed to implement the strategy of innovation-driven development, promote scientific and technological innovation, promote industrial optimization and upgrading, and rely on innovation to improve the quality of development.Under such a macro background, with the acceleration of consumption upgrading, China’s kitchen electric industry has also come to a new threshold of industrial chain value jump, integration, system, digital has become an inevitable trend of innovation and upgrading.Facing the common Chinese kitchen of 5 to 8 square meters, how to meet the diversified needs of users in the limited kitchen space has become the key to breaking the situation of kitchen electric industry.On March 30th, the boss product launch new kitchen appliances at 2022 China science and technology, in order to “let the kitchen as a starting point for the higher point of science and technology” as the theme, blockbuster released the boss high-performance integrated kitchen appliances new generation, and the boss ultra-thin lampblack machine, large capacity steam baked Fried all-in-one, creator of refrigerators, a decontamination machine multiple versions, around each link of cooking,Comprehensively upgrade the starting point of the tech kitchen.Serve as leader of high-end hutch electricity, boss electric appliance announces to march to integrate kitchen this official, marking hutch electricity industry enters integrate kitchen new era formally.High starting point into the local integrated kitchen, leading the new pattern of industry development integrated kitchen product form, to meet the needs of China’s kitchen area is small, multi-function, in recent years in the Chinese market to accelerate the popularization.According to AVC, the market size of integrated kitchen stove in 2021 is 3.04 million units and 25.6 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 28% in retail volume and 41% in retail sales, showing strong growth momentum.Behind this trend is a large number of enterprises have entered the game. According to the statistics of Zhongyikang, the number of integrated stove brands has expanded from 83 in 2015 to 262 in 2020, showing fierce competition with savage growth.Boss electric appliance is integrated product line general manager Zhang Xuan thinks, integrated kitchen is in rapid growth at the same time, also by excessive myth, the whole market is restless and irrational, lack high-end brand leads, product quality good and bad are uneven.In contrast, the high-end needs of many consumers have not been met.The healthy development of integrated stove category urgently needs a comprehensive upgrade from products to brands.In order to better meet user requirements, the development of leading industry of the integrated kitchen products, the boss appliances not prematurely into the integrated kitchen market, but the user use habits, use pain points and product makes a deep exploration of the core technology, focus on research and development lasted more than 10000 hours, finally introduced the boss a new generation of high-performance integrated kitchen.”In the past, we didn’t want to follow blindly.”Boss electric appliances president Ren Fujia said, the reason for the late integration kitchen, behind is the boss electric appliances “fast and slow” thinking.More important than “fast” going to market is “slow” : focusing on every detail, targeting every possible direction, communicating with the industry, communicating with consumers.In this case, the boss electrical appliances found the most suitable time, but also hope to lead the industry to return to rational.Industry analysis personage thinks, below current market situation, boss electric appliance relies on oneself to come for many years product technology accumulation, roll out brand-new generation of high performance integration kitchen, can bring the product with higher performance to consumer on one hand, also will bring new pattern, new atmosphere for the market that encounters upgrade bottleneck on the other hand.All-round performance breakthrough, set technology as the kitchen electric industry leadership brand, boss electrical has always been user demand as the center, at the beginning of the research and development of a large number of user research, field observation of users using integrated kitchen stove in the process of the overall experience, the actual effect of each functional module.Aim at the pain point that integrated kitchen product exists universally on market, boss electric appliance brand-new generation of high performance integrates kitchen from use, performance, exterior wait for many aspects start with, solve a series of cooking problem for consumer.Boss electrical appliances integrated product line general manager Zhang Xuan released boss electrical appliances a new generation of high-performance integrated kitchen on the market at present most products, suction and drainage, lighting, combustion and other control systems in the use of messy, cumbersome, both the lack of aesthetic feeling, and inconvenient operation.In this regard, Laoban electrical appliances believes that it is necessary to think about product design with integrated overall logic and solve problems from a higher overall dimension.In view of the control problem, the boss integrated kitchen has created a 23° Angle of the central control intelligent window, so that all control is concentrated on a panel, the user is easier to observe and operate, do not bend over can easily cook.At the same time, the boss integration kitchen integration design also pays special attention to the user’s concern and criticism of the integrated kitchen oil road in the past, the traditional integrated kitchen in the long-term use, smoke machine cavity, air duct and other areas will accumulate a lot of oil, consumers are difficult to clean up.To this end, the boss of a new generation of high-performance integrated stove in the oil path through the place, the design of 10° above the slope, the use of gravity guide oil, and then with noise reduction lampblack separation network and other devices, really achieve zero oil, free disassembly and washing.In the performance of the integrated stove, the boss also achieved a breakthrough in the performance of each system of the product.The existing integrated kitchen products generally exist the problem of weak performance of each module, to this, boss electric appliances in the research and development of the fusion of smoke, kitchen, elimination, steam and other categories of leading industry technology, so that the integrated kitchen really become the technology of the comprehensive.For example, equipped with new strong thin frequency conversion suction and discharge technology, while giving more space for the integrated stove, the suction force can reach 20m per minute?, the wind pressure reached 1000Pa;In terms of combustion system, the full-line large firepower exceeded 5.0kW, and the thermal efficiency increased to 63%.In addition, the whole line of products are equipped with standard two-star 125L full cavity storage system, 78L steam, bake and fry mixing system, leading the industry level in space and performance.In addition to the hardware innovation and breakthrough, a new generation of boss high-performance integrated kitchen set boss technology research and development, fully equipped with boss AI Chinese cooking curve, built-in 64 intelligent recipes, greatly reduce the threshold of cooking, so that users enjoy the release of culinary creativity.It can be said that the current high point of the industry is the starting point of the boss integrated kitchen.Conference today, the Chinese household electric appliance research institute released A new generation of boss electrical appliances high-performance integrated evaluation results of the oven, the removal rate of lampblack, noise, air volume, power, heat load, the flame temperature monitoring, temperature uniformity, accuracy and other hard indexes meet the requirements of grade A, is the industry leading level, with real data interpretation of what is real “high performance”.The boss launched a new generation of high-performance integrated kitchen behind solid technology precipitation over the years, 100% from the research and production of the core strength, as well as the kitchen electric industry’s top manufacturing — unmanned factory.It can be said that the boss into the integration kitchen, from the product, technology, service, standards and other dimensions, further enhance the industry access threshold, while creating higher quality experience for consumers, promote the healthy and orderly development of the industry.Many new products lead cooking change, let the starting point of science and technology kitchen higher founded 43 years, the boss electrical appliances always focus on cooking, with science and technology as the core driving force, leading cooking change and development.Laoban electric equipment thinks, the trend that future hutch electric is integrated is irreversible, but integrated kitchen is not the final answer.While adhering to the development of integrated kitchen kitchen led by scientific and technological innovation, boss electrical appliances also continue to explore the most ideal form of kitchen electricity, spare no effort to create newer, better products.Around cooking before, in, after each link, this conference, boss electrical appliances also launched a number of innovative products leading the industry.Ultra-thin range hood machine is the boss electrical appliances in the range hood category on the new breakthrough, its size is only 800*170mm, the powerful smoking performance into the perfect dexterous versatile body.Large capacity steam baking and frying machine “big Honk series”, the capacity reached 65L, with the boss electric steam baking mixed technology, ROKI intelligent cooking system, you can easily create hundreds of delicious.Guangyan S1, the first all-in-one washing machine in the industry, integrates dishwasher + disinfection cabinet + dresser, with a sterilization rate of 99.999% and 168 hours of live oxygen storage, which solves various pain points of washing, elimination and storage after cooking;Creator set refrigerator is the first new refrigerator released by boss Electric Appliances, equipped with LTC low-temperature cooking cabin, featuring “cold cooking”, which is the first time in the industry to give the refrigerator cooking function, breaking through the traditional concept of refrigerator.In the meantime, the high-end table kitchen electronic brand chef of boss electric appliance also released steam bake small fry all in one machine DB620, its configuration inherits the technology of boss embedded product completely and spare parts, with muti_function, strong performance makes up for the problem such as small home appliance on the market not professional, idle rate is high, not durable.Boss sichuan series gas water heater HD662 can automatically induction four seasons water temperature changes, accurate temperature control, at any time to present the human body needs the temperature, escort for bathing.CMO Ye Danpeng released five technologies through the boss electrical appliances conference of the new pound, behind this series of innovation, is boss electrical appliances long-term adhere to the spirit of scientific research.Constantly forge ahead, promote scientific and technological innovation, which is not only the most powerful sound of The Times in China today, but also to promote the boss electrical appliances to flourish forward, never stop the firm belief.Standing at a new starting point, boss electrical appliances in the journey towards world-class century-old enterprises, will continue to break through themselves, create greater value for the society, leading the development of cooking civilization.In the future, boss electric appliances will continue to be based on China, focusing on cooking, so that the starting point of science and technology kitchen is higher, and create all the beautiful yearning for human kitchen life.