Song Jinjin, Liu Ku: The High Wind and Strong Shot in the struggle, self-growth

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Sports has always been a favorite theme of film and television, especially animation creation. The high spirited spirit, courage to defy difficulties and cohesion of unity and cooperation highlighted in sports have a high degree of fit with young people.By Guangzhou Rainbow cat blue Rabbit and Hunan Manlian cartoon joint production of “Strong Wind” is a rare sports competition animation works, has been broadcast on CCTV children’s channel.The cartoon tells the story of ji Feng, a mischievous but talented teenager, how to integrate into the football team, learn football skills, and find and realize self-worth under the guidance of coach He An.Ji Feng is a typical rebellious youth, he does things follow one’s inclinedness, speak freely, in order to escape parents to his academic arrangements, in the boarding plane to escape from the airport, but accidentally bumped into he an coach.He an found ji Feng running speed and body coordination amazing ability, think he is a can make talent, want to absorb him into the football team.Ji Feng just came to the football team, in fact, is very confused.He joined the football team not because he loved football but because he wanted to escape his parents’ academic commitments.Although he was recognized by some brute force after his arrival, he had little or no understanding of the team’s development and his responsibilities, or even a willingness to think about them.But his cynicism soon changes as the series progresses.As Coach He said, “Freedom depends on your own strength.”In the rebellious season feng, at the beginning of the thought that not to listen to discipline is freedom, but the courage to bear and responsible for their own choices, is the real freedom.Through the training in the football team, Ji Feng slowly changed the original attitude, he and the team to bear the wind and rain, progress together, but also harvest glory together.Football is a collective sport, unity and cooperation is a magic weapon to win, this play is particularly prominent in the expression of unity spirit.In the first episode, the victorious General’s fiery Tigers were eliminated, and the new coach summed up the problems, focusing on the shortcomings of cooperation, “lack of cooperation in the front court, lack of organization in the midfield, lack of hierarchy in the back court”.A team, in the technical training at the same time, the tacit understanding between teammates and trust training is also a top priority.Hero ji Feng is the team’s new man, he comes to speak madly, make many players unhappy, his own football skills and ignorant, more let the team members cannot help but exclude him.An important step in Ji Feng’s growth is to learn how to integrate into the collective and communicate with other players.There is an interesting and very important character in the play — Xie Xiaoyu. He is crazy about football, but his fat figure makes him feel inferior and dare not try to join the football team.But in the fourth set of friendly games, Xie Xiaoyu with his careful careful observation, keenly found the other team flaws…Ji Feng is strong in sports but weak in skills, And Xie Xiaoyu is familiar with all kinds of tactics but unable to put them into play. There are huge differences between these two roles, but their abilities just complement each other, which just reflects the significance of each player in the football team to learn from each other.The reason why Ji Feng resisted his parents’ arrangement was not that he thought it was wrong, but that he opposed their way of arrangement without asking his opinion.As Ji Feng complains in the drama, “Blame my father. He is always busy and always busy. He never listens to my ideas and arranges for me to study abroad, but I won’t go!””This sentence points out the long-standing education problem in society. In the growth stage of children, parents’ influence and education are indispensable, and reasonable and effective communication is the effective way to solve conflicts.In addition, the play also mentioned an important issue, is frustration education.The former captain of the football team Wang Mo is a delicate mind and everything strong person, he was originally placed on high expectations, but an important match in the penalty failed, wang Mo left a huge psychological shadow, remorse, frustration, fear and other negative emotions let him hit, unable to return to the football team for normal training.At one time, he was ready to quit the football team, but it was the old coach’s earnest expectation and the new coach’s constant encouragement that made him come out of the haze and return to the team.In the growth process of teenagers, it is almost inevitable to encounter setbacks, learning to adjust the mentality is also one of the prerequisites for success.As the play said, “lost the ball, the next time to win back good”, “successful people, always unwilling to sink in adversity, with a strong heart, launched a jedi back”.As a sports theme animation, in addition to the description of campus and team collective life, the play also touched on some social pain points, triggered the resonance of teenagers and parents reflection, the transmission of positive values, encourage teenagers to achieve self-growth in the struggle, self-value.(Originally published in Hunan Literature and Art Network)