Start the spring dry!Shantou clear this year to complete 6000 mu “work to work” transformation target

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Article, picture/Yangcheng Evening News all media reporter Yi Luya correspondent Shanxuan open that final, open spring dry.On February 8, shantou “workers to change jobs” site mobilization meeting held personally yours industry city, shantou city, in the industrial park, clear this year to complete the 6000 mu “workers to change jobs” transformation goal, mobilize the all-round “work to work,” revitalize the inefficient land for industry, further expand the industry development space, again big battle shantou “strong industrial city, industrial city” of the New Year the first gun.Activities, shantou municipal party committee secretary WenZhanBin says, “work to” upgrade, is shantou reality needs, the shortage of land resources problem is shantou unswervingly take the “strong industrial city, industrial city” important choice, is to accelerate the construction of modern vitality in the construction of special economic zones, special economic zones in new times the only way to catch up.We must have the spirit of “sprint at the start, final at the start” and the courage to “take the lead in everything”, and strive to show a new sense of responsibility and a new atmosphere on the road to the new examination.In five years, we will transform 50,000 mu, and take precise measures to stimulate the development of industries and cities.Reporters learned at the meeting, at present, Shantou has been clear in 2022 to complete the transformation of 6000 mu, 5 years of transformation of 50,000 mu target task.Since nearly period of time, through thorough investigation and investigation, comprehensive search, shantou aims at the industrial land that has transform potential to exceed 25 square kilometers.At the same time, 160 square kilometers of industrial land control line will be demarcated to implement the “three new, two special and one big” industrial layout, and build three national platforms, eight industrial zones, 10 characteristic industrial parks, and 13 industrial clusters to form the carrier of key industrial parks.Precise policy, escape cage change bird.Shantou will encourage people from all walks of life to participate in the reform, including financial incentives, tax incentives and land bonuses, according to a document released by the shantou municipal government on Jan. 28.In terms of financial incentives, Shantou city gave each district 10 million yuan of start-up funds;Demolition and reconstruction of the implementation of gradient reward, per mu of maximum support of 200,000 yuan;The government can compensate the village collective for the income from the project.On land, we introduced 13 new policies to expand market access, improve procedures, extend life spans, increase capacity and efficiency, divide and transfer land, replace and renovate land, and integrate and renovate land to boost confidence.It is worth mentioning that The Boya Industrial City in Jinping District is “the first one to take the initiative”, acting quickly to transform the state-owned inefficient land into modern standard factory buildings.It is reported that the project land area of 192 mu, before the transformation is a single-layer workshop, warehouse, volume ratio of 1.03, the enterprise has invested 1.02 billion yuan, demolition of the old workshop, the construction of standard workshop and supporting facilities of 550,000 square meters, the volume ratio increased to 4.87, the comprehensive completion can settle enterprises more than 200, annual output value of 5 billion yuan, equivalent to 5 times before the transformation.At present, the first two 12-story industrial buildings with an area of 130,000 square meters have been completed and delivered, and the registered occupancy rate of enterprises is over 60%.In addition, in the government-led “village reform” project of Liannan Industrial Zone in Chenghai District, the original scattered and mixed village land of 1620 mu has an annual output value of 2.4 billion yuan after comprehensive transformation, equivalent to 6 times before transformation.The removal of 700 mu of jinpu and Guiyu demonstration projects in Chaoyang District will be combined with the layout of strategic emerging industries;Zhujin Industrial Zone of 1069 mu in Longhu District will introduce modern industries such as big health, intelligent manufacturing and electronic information.In Zhupu area of Haojiang District, 212 mu of land will be acquired and stored to introduce new industries.Chaonan District liangying Longling 1700 mu, the introduction of new industries, to create an industry-city integration demonstration city;Free trade zone of 700 mu, promote the upgrading of inefficient land and industrial transformation and upgrading;High-tech zone 700 mu, is speeding up demolition and construction, will introduce intelligent manufacturing, biomedicine, food production and incubator and other high-tech industries……At the meeting, shantou city government and high-tech zone, comprehensive protection zone management committee and the main responsible comrades of the district government signed a “work to work” responsibility, in a paper “military warrant” urged, the parties said that they will act quickly to vigorously implement, with actual results and results to answer.For a long time, Shantou city has been faced with the dilemma of more people and less land, and the phenomenon of industrial land shortage and inefficient land use is prominent, which has become a major bottleneck restricting the high-quality development of Shantou:On the one hand, the area of industrial land is relatively small, the current industrial land in Shantou is less than 100 square kilometers, and the cost of industrial land remains high, which weakens the willingness of enterprises to invest in Shantou, increase capital and expand production.On the other hand, the planning and construction of industrial parks are relatively backward, the industrial space is fragmented, the integrated development is difficult, extensive utilization and idle waste are common, and the industrial added value of unit land area still has a lot of room for improvement.At present, Shantou city is in the critical period of economic transformation from high-speed growth to high-quality development, and the demand for construction land, especially industrial land, is very urgent, so we should seize the opportunity to seize the initiative.Wen Zhanbin pointed out at the meeting that only by expanding the space to the stock and increasing the efficiency intensively, can we effectively guarantee the development space of shantou city “establishing the city by industry and strengthening the city by industry”;”To promote the transformation from industry to industry can further tap the potential of the existing construction land, solve the problem of land resource shortage, and provide strong resource elements for development.””Labor to labor” is a systematic project, but also a long-term project.All government departments at all levels must remain true to their original aspiration, stand up to loneliness and criticism, stick to the end and resolutely win the battle.”Next, Wen Zhanbin emphasizes, shantou should look for accurate direction, key breakthrough, stimulate in the round “work changes work” vigor power.Adhere to the industry first, strict industrial land control line control;Adhere to policy guidance, release policy dividends, activate inefficient land throughout the chain;Draw lessons from advanced experience and explore effective models;We will continue to adopt a comprehensive approach, promote reform through forced implementation, and eliminate backward production facilities.In line with market laws, we will improve mechanisms for government coordination, departmental coordination, market operation, and public participation, encourage market entities to participate in various forms, and both the government and the market will continue to work in both directions to promote the reform of industrial upgrading.To speed up the construction of demonstration projects, all districts (functional zones) should concentrate their efforts, fulfill their responsibilities, and work on wall charts to solve the problems encountered in the process of implementation, so as to achieve breakthroughs in the construction of demonstration projects.We need to strengthen organization and leadership, publicity, guidance, supervision, and assessment, and work tirelessly to ensure that the reform of labor reform is effective.Source | yangcheng evening news, Yang cheng sent coordinating editor | li cheng