Suiyang District anchors a new goal and sets sail on a new journey

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Spring tide surging place, forge ahead just in time.The work of the first quarter is crucial for the whole year.The first working day after the Spring Festival, suiyang district to seize every minute, no sense of urgency and mission, I visited the 2022 level cadre conference rapidly, to mobilize all the full of enthusiasm, new look to work, to boost work full of vigour, vitality, Benedict line not idle focus cohesion “five article” quality development, work diligently, bear as,Strive to achieve a good start, the whole year red, determined to do in the province’s “two ensure” overall situation, the city’s “seven strong city” construction process to forge ahead, more outstanding, with excellent results to meet the party’s 20th victory held.2021 MPH well “the start of the implementation” the first step in 2021, in the face of fire, flood, epidemic, and other test, suiyang district exalted jinping new age the mind the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, insists on unified planning, overall balance, focused, driven, global solidarity led in the party member cadre masses coagulation hearts meet force, grasped the nettle,In order to achieve “ten fingers playing the piano”, in the beginning of the “14th five-year plan” wrote a new chapter of suiyang’s high-quality development.Facing the fire, the deep draw “6 · 25” zhecheng jingxin diamond major fire accident lesson, the area under four team leaders insist on the above rate, a line of supervision work, the district organizations at all levels to sink, full play of the whole, “nine small” sites, peg “triad” places, stores, and all kinds of urban villages along the street safe hidden trouble, the whole area, carpet for screening regulation,We will promote the liquidation of all kinds of risks and hidden dangers.In the face of the flood situation, the area adhere to the flood control work “gold standard”, all levels of party cadres and grid members to strengthen the duty on duty, all to the post in place, around dangerous houses, rivers, Bridges, water points, low-lying belt, flood control facilities and other key parts and weak links, one by one investigation, eliminate hidden dangers, to ensure the safety and stability of the district flood.In the face of the outbreak, the first response, activation command system, perfect the defense from spreading mechanism, solid flow back, nucleic acid detection, data verification, isolation control and so on each work, the implementation of the village (community), organizations, community LouYuan responsibility, prevention and control of the masses of party members and cadres in a line charge, the practice of “one party is a banner”, won the epidemic prevention and control war,To ensure the health and safety of the people in the district.Statistics show that in 2021, the total output value of Suiyang District is 32.077 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 4%, ranking the third in the city.Fixed asset investment increased by 11.6% year on year, ranking second in the city.The added value of construction industry increased by 16.7% year-on-year, ranking first in the city;Total retail sales of consumer goods grew by 4.1% year on year.The added value of industries above designated size increased by 6% year on year.In particular, the general public budget revenue reached 1.258 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 10% from a year-on-year decline of 12.1% in the first three quarters, demonstrating the resilience and resilience of Suiyang’s economic development.The mighty Pass is like an iron road, and now WE are stepping forward to conquer it from the beginning.At the beginning of the New Year, Suiyang District continues to make arrangements and plod deep rustic trees around the “five articles”, and establishes a new goal — to carry out the strategy of rural revitalization deeply and take the lead in the city on the integration of urban and rural areas and integrated development;To speed up the pace of revitalization of the ancient city, in the Inheritance of Shang culture, cultural and tourism integration in the forefront of the city;It is necessary to promote the secondary entrepreneurship of the industrial agglomeration area and take the lead in industrial transformation and upgrading and innovation-driven development of the city.It is necessary to enhance the radiation driving capacity of the central city and take the lead in strengthening the urban economy and promoting the convolution development of the city.We should pay attention to the improvement of people’s livelihood and take the lead in enhancing people’s well-being and improving people’s sense of gain.We will unswervingly work on rural revitalization.We will seize the opportunity provided by the formulation of territorial and spatial planning to focus on planning and upgrading national roads, provincial roads, county and township roads, especially in central towns, small market towns and central villages.We will pay close attention to the development of central villages, steadily promote the construction of housing for the elderly in rural areas, improve infrastructure and public service facilities in central villages, and guide the concentration of various resources in central villages.We will do a good job in the renovation of hollow villages, implement the policy of one household and one house, guide villagers to “occupy the new and displace the old”, activate land, human resources and other factor resources, and realize the “one child fall but full of vitality”;We will effectively improve the living environment in rural areas, give full play to the role of Songdu cleaning Company, deepen the rural waste treatment mode of “three-level management and four-level assessment”, and create a clean and tidy working and living environment for the masses.Unswervingly do a good job in the revival of the ancient city this article.Shoulder to carry forward the big responsibility of shells culture, inheriting the ancient city of context, seize the opportunity to promote the development of literature brigade fusion zhuhai, positive communication and coordination, strengthen the capital operation, financial difficulties to crack, strengthen daily management, improving city environment, accelerate the old, old shops, return to the ancient city of old brand, make the ancient city of shangqiu truly become a vibrant city, the city of popularity, the city of life.At the same time, promote the flow of people, logistics, information flow, capital flow to accelerate the convergence of the ancient city, the cultural tourism and cultural industry gradually cultivated into the pillar industry of Suiyang district, the ancestors left to the world of this historical treasure into wealth, to make contributions to the development of Suiyang.Unswervingly do a good job in the second entrepreneurship of the industrial agglomeration area.Based on the positioning of industrial new city and national high-tech demonstration park, centering on textile and garment, new materials and high-tech industries, we will accelerate the construction of “two parks and one platform” to achieve intensive and large-scale development.Firmly establish the concept of “project is king”, increase investment attraction, guide enterprises in the park to integrate and improve, complement and extend the chain, and cluster development;Seize the opportunity of spatial planning adjustment, plan to promote the construction of the southern city sub-center, expand the cluster area framework, and leave enough space for industrial development;Improve the supporting facilities of the park, speed up the construction of shenhuo Avenue south extension and other roads;Accelerate the reform of the system and mechanism, implement the “management committee + company” management system, give full play to the role of platform companies, tap the potential of resources, and solve the financial problems;High standard planning and construction of vein industrial park, speed up land approval, vigorously carry out investment investment selection, to ensure that vein industrial park as soon as possible to play a role.Unswervingly do a good job of central city radiation drive this article.We will make steady progress in the renovation of old residential areas, improve and upgrade infrastructure such as water, electricity, roads and gas, and public services such as elderly care and the young, adhere to the principle of “one village with one distinctive feature”, speed up the transformation of villages within cities, and effectively solve the problem of dual structure within cities.Make full use of policies, actively strive for financial support, revitalize land resources, sell land in an orderly manner, integrate platform companies, enhance financing capacity, do a good job in capital operation, and break the bottleneck of capital in the central city;Based on the advantages of the central city, the implementation of preferential policies and measures, the introduction of a number of high-end urban complex, emerging forms of business, regional headquarters projects, focus on creating the “headquarters + building” economic model, vigorously develop the urban economy.We will unswervingly improve the livelihood of the people.We will continue to find solutions and solve problems in the course of development, spare no effort to promote key projects to improve people’s wellbeing, continue to improve education, medical care, and elderly care, ensure people’s wellbeing, and ensure that they enjoy the fruits of reform and development.We will speed up the construction and distribution of government-subsidized housing in new towns in the southern and western parts of the country to help people move into new housing at an early date.To promote the construction of primary and secondary schools and service centers for the convenience of the people in central urban areas, and constantly improve the quality of education and teaching and the level of public services;We will speed up the development of district-level elderly care centers and community day care centers, make good use of housing for the elderly and homes for the elderly in towns and townships, and focus on solving the problem of elderly care in both urban and rural areas.