The Winter Olympics show the unique cultural charm of color

2022-06-17 0 By

Fresh and elegant: The Winter Olympics, whether the opening ceremony or the venue of the relevant background, all reflect fresh and elegant.For example: the opening ceremony of the main tone, white, blue, green, reflecting each other, fully demonstrated the meaning of purity, deep, vitality, cool color fresh and elegant, refreshing.Simple and natural: The main colors of the Winter Olympics show respect for nature.Blue is the expanse of the sky, green is the warmth of spring, and white is the season of the Winter Olympics.Fully expressed, although in the winter, is also in the welcome spring;Although we are in the midst of epidemic prevention and control, this is a pure land.Profound implication: especially the blue color of the opening ceremony, it is easy to make people think, athletes and friendly people are from all over the country;Green color is easy to make people associate, green color low-carbon environmental protection winter Olympics;The color of white is not only winter, but also the pure land of victory.Color reflects the connotation of “people’s Olympics”.Highlight theme: color is the most intuitive embodiment of the essence of things.The main colors of the Winter Olympics fully demonstrate the purpose of Hosting the Olympic Games in China.The main colors of blue, white and green fully reflect the purpose of the Chinese Winter Olympics, solidarity, friendship, hard work, green and environmental protection, we work together towards the future of the People’s Olympics.I wish the Winter Olympics a complete success!