How good is harry Potter’s fairy creation?Chinese style ancient style design stupefied everybody

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As many of you know, the harry Potter players have always been very creative, and as a result, there have been many creative creations among players.Recently, with the launch of the Harry Potter Mobile Adventure campaign, there have been a number of new ways to play the game, and some of the new content has inspired players to create new games. Today, we take a look at some of the new harry Potter games.Since albus Dumbledore came online, players have been taking Dumbledore to the final Fight club. Dumbledore is already familiar with the new Luminopal card.Some players with a talent for drawing have also taken dumbledore as their inspiration, creating a very gentlemanly and handsome Old Deng Head. Who wouldn’t love such an elegant and handsome old Deng Head?In addition to allowing players to create their own creations, the harry Potter series also provides players with the opportunity to show off their talents. Recently, a fashion design competition was held in the Harry Potter series, and many comic book creators joined in, presenting players with beautiful fashion designs.For instance this creator designs this group of fashionable dress that gives priority to with Han element to have lasting appeal very much, combine traditional culture and western element photograph, appear more have a unique style.(Picture from @- Meat sheep -) and the creator of the design of the Chinese ancient elements of the fashion is also very chic, although only a sample, but you can see that the fashion is very unique, also very imaginative, let a person at the moment.(Photo from @Liang aji) In addition to all kinds of comics, Harry Potter players are also very active in the competition. For example, this player designed a fashion that combines many fashion elements and looks very trendy. This fashion is particularly elegant and generous, and the whole person is very noble.Not only are the Harry Potter players talented in drawing, but they also have great video editing skills.Recently, everyone has been sharing their annual report cards, and some players have posted their annual report cards in the form of video, which vividly shows their experiences and achievements in the mobile Games of Harry Potter. It will be nice to revisit this video later.There are plenty of other great creations in the Harry Potter franchise, and of course, there are screenshots of their best moments while playing the game.For example, some scenery photos, or the wonderful performance in the duel club, players will share, at any time to record their wonderful performance in hogwarts House, I wonder if you are the same?Many of the content in the Harry Potter mobile games can be used as creative inspiration for players. What other wonderful creations have you seen in the course of playing the game?