In the world: Feng Huacheng ex-wife appeared, publicly challenged Zhou Rong relinquish, Feng Huacheng too slag

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Hello everyone, I am the original author “silly elder brother said shadow”, in the play of Zhou Rong, had obliged to choose love, would rather break with my parents go to and Feng Huacheng, however Zhou Rong and Feng Huacheng lasted only two years of love, Feng Huacheng composite, but also for the future and his ex-wife however Zhou Rong come to this is understandable, it is because the original Feng Huacheng published poetry,Let still young Zhou Rong produced admiration and love, after, but not in the family opposition, let their own temperament, not about thousands of miles to wenzhou for Feng Huacheng, think back Zhou Rong in most beautiful years, to terminate his beautiful youth, in the hands of Feng Huacheng, but Zhou Rong doesn’t know is that the marriage is a fraud, right from the startThis period of time after all Feng Huacheng reform in guizhou, is not only used the words, will be monitoring, but Zhou Rong had experienced the opposite situation, so in order to be able to get a decent figure, Feng Hua selection and Zhou Rong marry and have children, become obedient even comments for Zhou Rong, all this as Feng Huacheng turn to an abrupt end.Feng Huacheng actually had a marriage before, his ex-wife is the local deputy governor, only to learn that Feng Huacheng has transformed to the countryside, his ex-wife will take the initiative to put forward a divorce, who wait to Feng Huacheng counter attack again after back to Beijing, but his ex-wife again offer to think again, now Feng Huacheng is a generation of famous celebrities, for the sake of his career soared,Nature is little not early to help, it makes sense to borrow his wife’s identity, further until Feng Huacheng ex-wife to arrive, the Zhou Rong scold the dog blood fraction, Zhou Rong realized Feng Huacheng is a divorced man, however, even the Feng Hua chengdu unexpectedly, his predecessor, will actively seek, let Su Rong and divorce him,Can bow in Feng Huacheng weakness signed the divorce agreement, Zhou Rong unexpectedly again softhearted, chose to forgive, but perhaps because Zhou Rong forgive her husband without bottom line, after Feng Huacheng is increasingly more instead, finally is Zhou Rong was caught cheating again the scene, the heart like dying embers Zhou Rong, that very reluctantly filed for divorce.This pile of deception was declared at last marriage, but have to say that reason Zhou Rong must follow beside Feng Huacheng, she’s on a pure and the upright character, if then listen to the opinions of the parents, not also go to the point of today, and maybe he wouldn’t be so tough.For this we how to look at it, welcome to leave your views in the comments area, thank you for reading, for my support for the article is not easy, thank you for your praise and encouragement, next period for you to update the wonderful content of “the world”, our next period be there or be fair, goodbye.