Military “the most beautiful goddess” Hou Mengsha: with Wu Jing partner popular, successful harvest happiness today

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Preface Everything starts from zero and eventually returns to zero.The actor who never takes off his costume, the leader who always carries the shelf, turns around and people turn up their noses.In recent years, military movies and TV programs have attracted much attention, such as Wolf Warrior series directed by Wu Jing, and the recent hit Army Ace, which are all based on military, presenting the style of soldiers to everyone.Of course, in these films and TV series, the actors who play soldiers have naturally attracted attention.In the hit drama of the cable forces as a military Han Chunyu Hou Mengsha, once again aroused the attention of all, has long been Hou Mengsha are known as military is the most beautiful goddess, for she to the identity of the actor is bring in numerous military enacted the image is amazing soldier, about her story, we can have detailed understanding of the below.Hou Mengsha fame and wujing cooperation Hou Mengsha was born in 1985, there are a lot of talent on art since childhood, is also in order to complete his dream when I grow up, to join the ntu, in 2008, graduated with master’s degree of success, of course, this period of time in school, Hou Mengsha has been very hard,Even became an actor in the Political department of the Nanjing Military Region art troupe, so it can be seen that Hou Mengsha has a relationship with the military industry during the school.Perhaps because of this, she played most military roles in her acting career.Hou Mengsha himself is very beautiful, compared to the sweet department of girls, she may be more handsome, belong to the beauty of the handsome appearance, in this aspect of height, with a long leg of her, her height has reached one meter seven, it is no problem son soldier fan.So Hou Mengsha with their own appearance and shape, also caused the attention of numerous cast, mostly in military dramas, Hou Mengsha in his own career also played a lot of spy drama, forensic drama, the military drama, as a result, everyone in saw Hou Mengsha, will be what he called the most American of flowers, in the military theme of the film and television play,Hou Mengsha played the image of everyone impressed.In 2008, after hou mengsha graduated from school, she ushered in her first military-themed film and TELEVISION series, namely Sniper line. It is this role that makes her soldier image more impressive.In four years later, Hou Mengsha got the attention of the director, and cooperate with Wu Jing, co-starred in the special forces theme film and television drama, in this military TV series and in the drama, Hou Mengsha also with their own excellent acting and role image, success in the entertainment circle.The drama, which she co-starred with Wu Jing, also became the outstanding DRAMA of the year, proving that Hou’s acting skills are outstanding.In 2013, she guest starred in the Special Forces Fire Phoenix, in fact, this drama is also a series of special forces TV series, but in this movie and TV series, Hou Mengsha did not play too much, only a guest, but still left a very deep impression on everyone.In 2014, Hou Mengsha starred in “dances with wolves 2” the spy drama, as we all know, the spy drama for the actor’s acting is great, but Hou Mengsha in the success of the film and television play their acting show incisively and vividly, because of her heroine, image is changed, so the Hou Mengsha also by your own understanding,Detective and spoonful female and other different identities, as the impenetrable, it is because of the performance of this play, Hou Mengsha once again left an unforgettable impression on everyone.Hou Mengsha too for military theme Hou Mengsha has always been low key, and the results were very outstanding, as work won the attention of numerous director, in 2015, she once again cast as a star of the iron walnut spy thriller, and the content will eventually won many prizes, and followed her into the group of police flowers and dogs,In this play, she played Li Shuhan, should give you a very deep impression, although it is a high cold policewoman, but the feelings between her and the police dog is to let you moved.In addition to playing a soldier, we also found that Hou Mengsha in playing the police, is also very suitable.In 2018, yi Hou Mengsha won the day the attention of the director, and through own efforts, in the midst of the poison hunter plays the leading role, have to say that Hou Mengsha struggle in the entertainment industry for many years, very good already has a superb acting, and the whole people appear very elegant temperament, even full of brave.Whether the police or soldiers, Hou Mengsha can will the heroic spirit to the masses, so in the career of Hou Mengsha, she left the public a classic after another, sometimes IQ online detectives, sometimes is dashing commandos, in short, Hou Mengsha acting also have already got everyone’s consistent approval,In the military theme of the film and television plays, is absolutely worthy of the most beautiful goddess.Hou Mengsha love life is very happy at the mention of military theme of the film and television play, you first think of is all kinds of play drama, Hou Mengsha although is a woman, but at the time of playing soldiers or police, she never use avatars, all play play play in person, although it will be very tired, and even get hurt, but Hou Mengsha never complained, so,In the eyes of many netizens, Hou Mengsha is the most acting iron Lady.Of course, for any actress, working in the same genre for a long time may not be popular, but Hou mengsha has not been affected. She has devoted her acting career directly to military themes and has played many roles that have left a deep impression on everyone.Hou Mengsha is 35 years old, so far in the entertainment industry for many years struggle, not from any gossip, however, in the cable force, it also met the prince that make their move Hou Mengsha, is in the same play as Jiang Weixing Mao Yi, although do not have too many opposite between two people, but still left a deep impression to each other,Eventually they got together and became an enviable couple.Of course, in the two social media platforms, the daily show of love has also aroused public envy, fans are pointing out that Hou mengsha has finally met her husband, now life is really happy.Conclusion, of course, in the video, you also have found that, in the play dashing Hou Mengsha, in life, yet elegant temperament goddess, and soldiers of the image is totally changed, always in casual dress, but still can not cover the excellent level in appearance, the most beautiful goddess that title for her, is absolutely deserved.Again, also hope that Hou Mengsha in the future acting road can be smooth sailing, can bring you more different roles, at the same time, also hope that she and MAO Yi between the emotional life can always be happy.